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The book The Disobedience by Thoreau seeks to show how the men work for the government as if they were machines. In this essay, though, I will be concerned with drawing a criticism to this view of Thoreau on governance and the role played by the citizenry. The civil war between America and Mexico is used to draw the concept of the civil disobedience. He advises that there is no need of government in the world as it only sees that people work not according to their conscience but as to what the government dictates to them.

I agree with this view of Thoreau as it seeks to establish an independent mind of the citizen. Again, the government, in some sense, is run by the people as the citizens; therefore, it means that the subject propagate the interest of the masters in most cases. The people are left at the same stance as they were as their representatives can opt to do what they wish without any regrets at all. In terms of practicing the individuals’ reasoning and viewpoint of the government, this has no place as the law stipulates what is to be done. Therefore, it seems that we work by the conscience of the constitution but not our own.  This law framework has loopholes and not so amusing laws that we as the citizens continue to abide by against our own conscience. The government may argue that it may change the laws, but I share the same sentiments as the author in that this may take time. In the mean time, we as the people continue being ruled by the same unjust laws. In any case, even if the laws are changed, the point is still that piece of laws was exercised upon some citizens, and it was an unjust practice.

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It is also wrong of the government that is presented as a person to involve its hard-working people in propagating its injustices, for instance, through the soldiers whom the government uses to fight other people with the aim of restoring what it calls order. This order would be there if the government ensured that at least there is real and perfect state of living. In addition, the interest of the people well taken care of is to ensure that law and order flow without faultsbas the people by themselves can reason without any foreign interference in their conscience.

More so, the paying of taxes in order to ensure that the government has money to ensure there is protection provided by the state is not just right. This makes the world where the state of the lack of order comes into a country. As the extra wealth that needs protection means out of this abundance, there are people without anything.

The proponents of the importance of the government sometimes say that the right to vote as the tool to poor governance is not worth to be thought over . This is because the political parties again do not let the electorates practice their right on their conscience. The ideas they present so as to ask vote for them are not as per the people’s intention. The origin of these ideas is not within the minds of the people but within the minds of to-be masters and the government.

As the author presents, there is irony in the world of the government setting as the government that is elected ought to be a performer and reformer. However, once in power, it views the people who are in the positions of watch dogs as the government enemies. This brings in evil and contradiction since, in some states, these people are assassinated. When the government kills, it is not obeying the constitution, and also it disrupts law and order of the country.

On the contrary, in the Repent Harlequin, this world seems to be operating in contrast to the view of Thoreau as in the Civil Disobedience.  It asserts the position of the robot in the world as it encourages working within a fixed time schedule. At one time, through the plot advancement, Everret is in problems with his girlfriend because he does not keep time. It seems rude to keep a woman waiting, but also, she needs to understand that he might be caught in something more serious.

The Hunger Artist is all about self-denial when this hunger artist denies himself even the most basic thing for survival that is food among other comforts. It is possible that as I support Thoreau, it would not agree with this state of self-denial since it is what he seems to be fighting against in the form of having government. In fact, this can be likened in the book of Thoreau as the denial by citizens to practice their self-conscience and propagate that of the government.

In conclusion, as in the book the Civil Disobedience, it is not right that we have a government that shall only seek to satisfy its interest first. There is a need of revolution if it is not possible to make the government operate efficiently. After all, the people are the biggest funders of the government and should take responsibility on it.

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