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Macbeth comes out as a soldier loyal to the King and commanding respect and honor in Scotland. However, the desire for power derails this reputation and leads him to a terrible downfall that is marked by the involvement of witches and inappropriate advice of his wife, Lady Macbeth who was burning with this desire too. In the process, he compromises his integrity and suffers due to his ignorance of the inner promptings of his reason.

His wife, manipulated him, causing his downfall, arranged evil plot to murder King Duncan after accessing the fortune that Macbeth was told by the three witches (Purves, 1997). She persuades the spirits to make her violent and unwomanly which succeeded in convincing the husband who had coincidentally planned for the same but was uncomfortable to do it due to battles in his conscience.

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This emotional blackmail overrides the reason that murder should never by motivated by his personal selfish ambitions. This is followed by nagging and insults that pressurizes him to perform the murder. This made the people to doubt his morality since killing the king, who was believed to be instituted by God, was regarded as evil and thus contributed to his own downfall.

The witches played in stirring his ambitions, the performance of the acts are revelations of his wickedness in character. Obsession for power inspired by the witches made him to lose his sanity after seizing power through violence and murder of the much respected and loved King. The weird sisters caused chaos in general but Macbeth is the one who eventually paid for his actions (Purves, 1997).

“Let four captains carry Hamlet like a soldier onto the stage. He would have been a great king if he had had the chance to prove himself. Military music and military rites will speak for his heroic qualities. Pick up the corpses. A sight like this suits a battlefield, but here at court it shows that much went wrong. Go outside and tell the soldiers to fire their guns in honor of Hamlet” (Shakespeare, 373-374)

He lies to the people that he acted in anger to cover up the evil he has committed. Corruption is also witnessed as the greed overpowered his voice reason and sight for humanity. He thought of sustaining power through murder and intimidation. He succumbed to the obsession of the witches’ prophesies to the Banquo and murders him and his sons who were destined to take over the throne. His own ruthlessness comes to his mind after this incident and puts him in trouble sleeping with nightmares, loss of appetite and making him insane (Shakespeare, 2008). 

Macbeth lost hope after killing Macduff and the family and this despair leads him to seek the advice of the witches who succeeded in their plot which they had designed to have him killed. In an attempt to make him feel overconfident, they fool him with harsh lies about the identity of Macduff and the plot leads to his defeat in the long run. Macduff continues to gain control over Macbeth as the latter realizes that the family that he had targeted migrated to England (Shakespeare, 2008). 

He begins a revenge mission on to attack Birnam and eventually feels threatened in the battlefield and trapped. The false confidence that the witches had given him that he cannot be murdered by the son of a woman, is challenged by Macduff who says that he was delivered from the caesarean section. This shocks him as he realizes that he is destined for death in the eventual end. They pursue a fight with Macduff and Macbeth is murdered in the end.     In conclusion, it is true that it was Macbeth’s free will that made him to take each step into his own downfall. Both the witches’ prophesies and his evil character led to his murder. He was consciously taking part in the killing of King Duncan, and the servants, Banquo, Macduff’s family and also the fight that led to his destiny. The wife also influenced him greatly and made him to annul the inner promptings of his reason but the decision to take action was totally Macbeth’s.

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