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Individual thoughts misled by years of beliefs and traditions in the story. Everyone attends the lottery, a tradition since time in remembrance in the village. Every family takes part and every family member picks a lottery ticket whose reward is death. Though the consequences of the lottery are death, the villagers see no reason of stopping the evil tradition just because it has been through time in memorial.

The lottery box is so old that some sides are tarnished yet the villagers do not see a reason to replace it. The box itself being long ago that no one in the village, even the oldest one, can remember symbolizes tradition. Some of the oldest members of the village were born and found it in use. Despite the oldness and the bad condition of the box, the villagers do not see any reason of replacing it just because it has fragments from the very first box. According to Mr. Summers, the box is old and has lost radiant glow but everyone has come to accept the condition of the black box.

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Maybe fear is what made the villagers not get a new box or at least renovate the old black box. What is the point of renovating a doomed box? However, the fact remains that no one wanted to upset tradition by making improvements to the old box. This demonstrates tradition as “Tradition is an explanation for acting without thinking” according to Grace McGarvie. Their current thinking is influenced allot by traditions.

Just as the lottery conducted yearly, the men in the village also know they have to plant when the rains begin. There tradition is probably farming which greatly influence their current thoughts. Despite being in the lottery, they know that at one point they will have to plant when the rains begin.

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