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From the story, Shirley Jackson suggests that the community values its tradition a lot thus tradition, change and gender roles have much respect from the community members as a source of unity and success. This is because any change tries to destruct their long valued traditions as it is in the case of the suggestion of change of the black box by Mr. Summers. The traditions play a major role in the unity of the community and therefore any change trying to break the community’s unity, the community does not honor it. If at all any change is to happen, the new changes must form part of the preceding tradition. It is the value they have on their traditions that makes the community takes part in the rituals every June 27 (Shirley, “The lottery”). It is the need for change that Mr. Summers to lead the lottery as a neutral party despite many not liking him. Irregularities in the lottery of the past raise concern which call for changes in the system “but years and years ago this part of the ritual had been allowed to lapse” (Shirley, “The lottery”).

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The community organized itself very well in such a way that before any activity can begin, the concerned gather in to genders, perhaps to share ideas success. Family values and unity are most important just like the concern of the fathers about the welfare of their children and engaging in to activities to support their families. Every gender seems to understand well their roles in the community with the boys’ plays depicting the seriousness of their activities. Women get concerned about their husbands and other community members’ welfare, just by greeting them to ascertain their concerns (Shirley, “The lottery”). The roles also seem to be strict to every gender and the community follows these guidelines promptly. Respect is fundamental but also based on gender as Bobby respects his father much more than his mother. It is therefore apparent that any changes concerning tradition, gender roles and the community in general work to bring unity and prosperity in the community.

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