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A minor character in literature is an individual that is not mentioned often in a story. This is an individual who only helps in the story’s development. In the story “The Red Convertible”, the author presents the narrator and his Brother Henry as the main characters, while the mother, Susy and the sister (Bonita). The paper analyzes Bonita’s character traits and her role in the development of the story.

Firstly, Bonita is Lyman (the narrator) and Henry’s sister. She is loving and social in that she likes her brothers. In fact, her move of taking the brothers’ photographs is an indication that she likes them both. For instance, she offers to take a picture of the brothers beside Henry’s car. This demonstrates her love for the family members since she proceeds to keep the photographs.

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Additionally, Bonita is a peacemaker in the family. This is evident in the way she indirectly reconciles the brothers during the photo session. She manages to get Henry’s smile when she asks him to do so. It is clear that she knows what is going on in the family; and, therefore, creates a reconciliation moment for the two brothers. The narrator confirms that Henry smiles during the photo session while resting his elbow on the car.

Furthermore, Bonita is portrayed to be observant and sensitive person. This is because she appears to know the tension between the brothers. She also knows that the brother, Henry has profoundly changed since he went to Vietnam. It is for this reason that she asks him to smile during the photograph session. Explicitly, she has observed Henry’s indifference after the war. Therefore, she tries to bring peace back to the family by reconciling the brothers who seem to be in unpleasant terms with each other.

Moreover, Bonita is highly instrumental in the development of the story and its plot. She also develops the theme of change in that she changes the mood during photograph session in the family. Therefore, she represents the agents of peace and reconciliation in a warring community.

In conclusion, despite her being a minor character, Bonita is influential in bringing change to her family when she takes the photographs. Her sensitive, friendly and sociable nature helps in relieving tension in the family.

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