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The author of the book uses the issue of disciplinary issue to bring the ethical issues which doctors encounter with in the everyday practice. Though the doctor starts on a professional way he is forced to divert from professionalism in an effort to help the child. This narration is very strong way brings out a number of critical issues which ought to be examined in the medical field. According to Fellice (2002). 

This story narrated by the doctor in short shows the severity of a situation which arises when there is an intertwining of the social roles and personal impulses. The interaction of the doctor and the young patient is seen to reveal the way that people find it hard to separate emotions from standards. All the same the encounter of the doctor reveals challenging situation of what should take priority; on the same issue one may ask, Should the professional aspect of a job be put beforehand or does personal reasoning take part? The narration shows the doctor starting on a wrong note of unprofessionalism by getting attached to the young patient and goes ahead to use unprofessional means to examine her. The fact that the doctor is not seen to regret the action that he has undertaken might indicate that he takes pleasure in what he has done.

The book, “The Use of Force” written by William Carlos is a depiction of the kind of dilemmas that a doctor undergoes in the course of his duty. The author uses an incident of a young girl to show the struggles that a doctor undergoes. The book narrates on a doctor called to attend to a young patient. The doctor is displayed being thrown into a forced situation whereby he has to use force in order to undertake an examination on the young girl. This undertaking involves forcing the young girl to open her mouth so that a test culture sample could be taken. There are mixed sentiments which come out of this action. Many questions are asked challenging the professionalism of such an action. As much as it is argued that forcing the young patient to open mouth is for the patient’s own good, it is still unprofessional. The fact that though the action is unprofessional but saves life makes it a dilemma to the doctors.

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