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Othello changed his feelings towards his loving wife Desdemona suspecting that she was cheating on him with Iago. Iago, who was under his command, worked against the trust and love of Desdemona to destroy the friendship between Othello and Cassio. The friend of Iago suffered from a false allegation that was made up by his rival. He became a victim of circumstances.

The ex-lieutenant was accused of having an illicit affair with Desdemona. Iago takes advantage of the recent dismissal of Cassio to sabotage the relationship with Othello and achieve his goals. Having gotten information from his wife, Emilia, that Cassio was seeking pardon and wanted to get his position back, Iago decided to take a dishonorable step. He mentioned to Cassio that he could set up a secret meeting with Desdemona. The ex-lieutenant was not aware about Iago’s intention.

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Subsequently, Desdemona agreed to help Cassio to renew his relationship with Othello. Cassio made a mistake talking with Othello, he showed his guilt acting in such way (39). Othello was sure considering the proposed allegation that his wife was cheating on him with Cassio. Iago tried to persuade Othello that Cassio had betrayed his master. He heard when Cassio mentioned Desdemona’s name in sleep and even embraced him thinking it was her.

Previously, Othello had suspected Iago of infidelity with his wife because he heard them talking suggestive words. This made Othello's conscious disturbed, and he confronted Iago. Iago did careful planning to expose Cassio wrongly and get his post of lieutenant. The general’s trust continued to fade with the emerging of new evidence on cheating.

Coincidentally, Othello got to know more events that seemed to prove Othello’s accusation. The climax was when Desdemona’s handkerchief, which Othello gifted to her, was said to be with Cassio. Iago proved that Cassio used it that made the Moor recalled her kissing and speaking to it. At this point, Othello told Iago that he sought revenge permanently on Cassio. Coincidentally, wanting Cassio’s death, Othello trusted Iago to kill the ex-soldier. The general had his secret plan to kill his wife; he blamed her of neglecting marriage vows.

Iago seemed to have the general under his control. Through, his cunning strategy and lies brought him loyalty and trust. Iago deformed Othello’s perception about surrounding. Othello could not stand his wife’s betrayal, which was suggested by Iago.

These twists of events depict that friendship can be the tool for betrayal. Although Othello was a brilliant soldier, he could not stand Iago’s influence. Cassio thought Iago was his friend. Trust is earned with time but is easy to destroy. Othello gave away easy to false intelligence by the influence of Iago and forgot about his wife’s side of the story.

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