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“Two Kinds” – is a story  written by Amy Tan about the relationship between a mother and a daughter. The story tells about how parents’ dreams can motivate and demotivate, persuade and dissuade the goals of their children. This story is common in many families throughout the world. Many children try to reach their parents’ dreams but not their own ones. Through these it is more difficult for children to discover their own desires, dreams, talents and wants. All parents want their children to be successful, happy and famous, but even when they see talents or potential in their children, they make mistakes during the educational and upbringing periods of their children’s lives. The role of parents is to motivate their children, but not to make choices for them. They have to support and help their children to find their personal way. The example in the “Two Kinds” gives clear understanding that no one will benefit if he/she thinks only about personal desires, dreams and beliefs.

 Faith in oneself makes a person go further through the mistakes he/she made to the clear understanding of who he/she is. It persuades oneself for personal development and creativity. Only discovering oneself the man finds freedom, happiness and achieves success.

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