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Born on the 21st day of November 1694, Francois Marie Arouet better known as Voltaire grew up to be one amongst the greatest French writers because of his intelligence and style. From his ability to interest the society with his works, he became a favorite of the same. This did not go on well as his intelligence got him to jail for ridiculing the French government. In addition, he went on to have frictions with other stakeholders in the society. For example, he was faced with either imprisonment or going on exile for abusing a noble young man and he ended up in England after choosing to go in exile in 1726 (David n.d.). Moreover, through his thousands of written works, they saw him present conflicting characters that did not impress some people but others got impressed. Voltaire through his contradicting characters like Candide he could win either side of debate he interests in how he presents the existing challenges in a satirical manner.

As some found Voltaire having no trust, to others he was sentimental and it was through this characters he would reject “everything irrational and incomprehensible and called upon his contemporaries to act against intolerance, tyranny, and superstition” (David n.d.). In addition, his degree to conform to moral principals was based on his freedom of reasoning and the esteem on others where he emphasized that literature is an important tool and should include the prevailing political and social challenges. For instance, together as philosophes, Voltaire and the young generation, especially Denis Diderot who edited the Encyclopedia in mid eighteenth century (1751), a publication that mostly dealt with sensible existing understanding and belief. It was during the Encyclopedia time when a devastating earthquake hits Lisbon and it inspires Voltaire to write the book known as Candide, the name of a character that speaks for Voltaire for long time.

Voltaire's Way to Understand Life

Through Candide, Voltaire expresses his understanding/expression of the calm in adversity of confidence and hopefulness and through individuals like Leibniz, this message is conveyed well.  In addition, through Candide’s afflictions, many evils and suffering exposed to people living on earth are presented.  For example, Voltaire in Candide “ridicules the notion that we live the best of all possible worlds, illustrating plainly how individuals must endure unspeakable indignity in the course of their lives” (Tay n.d.). It is through Candide, the character where Voltaire speaks on a realistic way to understand life that does not have philosophical influence and makes us acknowledge life as we live. Through this the existing political and social practices are criticized in a ridiculous manner and they are understood on the need fro change.

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On the other hand, through comparative analysis like that of French customs with other places and contempt, Voltaire’s perspective of French orthodoxies and preconceived opinions presented in his satirical and ironical manner through Candide that interest in truth claims in such a way that critiques do not like. Through Candide, a character that could not believe the inevitable, Voltaire’s shows us that we should have an open understanding of life and stop living in an abstract thinking, characters that the French politics and social practices encouraged.

In conclusion, Voltaire through his contradicting characters like Candide he could win either side of debate he interests in how he presents the existing challenges in a satirical manner. Through Candide’s characters, we can see how the existing French political and social practices fail to mould the people to have an open understanding of life to accommodate all forms of challenges and that why after the earthquake at Lisbon, Candide finds life extremely difficult, a situation he could not imagine of. In addition, through Candide the failures in the existing systems are brought to the open and this creates the room for the much needed change, a situation that Voltaire fights for.

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