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I have been reading one special story and would like to share my thoughts on it with you. “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” is written by Joyce Carol Oates and depicts life of the 15-year-old girl, Connie, who is totally absorbed in herself. She finds some mental pleasure in picking up boys, however, one day she meets Arnold Friend who threatens the life of her whole family as well as takes her in his car somewhere unknown. The author lefts the end of the story unfinished – this is up to the readers to find the best answer which will suit their own mental states.

This story made me think about the false beliefs that young generation is frequently driven by. Agree, we always try to show to the older people that we know everything, yet when we get into troubles, we feel lost, and if we are brave enough, we go back to the adults asking for help, tough usually we do not. The story seems to symbolize this shift from childhood to adulthood, but not smooth and easy as safe people have, however, harsh and fierce which deprives Connie an opportunity to make a free choice, to reveal her desires.

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Do you have any idea what may “Man the flying saucers” mean? I stumbled over this phrase while reading, however, after giving it a little thought, I came to a conclusion that it must indicate the instable nature of the human being, its constant change, growing, developing, dying. We act being driven by our emotions and animal-like instincts and so rarely by logic and common sense. Just like shady personality of Arnold escapes Connie’s comprehension, our understanding of world’s principles is blurred in our heads as we have lost the real values of where we are heading long ago, and only those few who still remember them find a happy life.

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