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The short story Why I Live at the P.O. written by Eudora Welty is told by the narrator, a young woman known as Sister. She got her nickname due to her relation with her younger sister, in the shadow of which she stands all her life. Her resentment, cynicism and jealousy are evident to everybody. Those feelings are understandable as she is frequently accused by her family of things she has never told or done. She is a mixture of extreme outrage, criticism and unrelenting attitude to Stella-Ronda, her sibling. Her malice and grievance against Stella-Ronda is so strong that she is even delighted with the fact of her sisterís divorce. Sister seems to be deprived of her own identity, defining herself only through comparison and competition with Stella-Ronda. The treatment of her relatives severely influences her self-esteem. In general, she fits her family perfectly, as all the members are weird.

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