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The American Disabilities Act impacted on the structural layout and location of business buildings. The section covers most businesses that serve the entire public. The Act prohibits any entity that owns and operates a business building from discriminating against the disabled. The Act aims at providing equal services to the disabled in all integrated areas as much as possible. The Act covers such businesses as hotels, restaurants, sales establishments, banks, offices and other small businesses. If the real estate broker or agent has an office at home and is in contact with the customers, a part of the home is required to be in compliance with the Act (Civil Rights Division).

The Act has led to alteration of layout of the small businesses in order to comply with the demand. The alterations range from parking, ATMs, shelves, paths, and location of the buildings. The ADA Act requires that businesses make reasonable modifications to the cause of the disabled. Non-compliance to the guidelines of the act has resulted to penalties and eve closure of small businesses because it is an expression of discrimination of the people with disabilities (Scarborough, Zimmerer, and Wilson 721).

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Businesses that were covered by the Act were supposed to remove architectural and communication barriers, as well as provide auxiliary services. Some of the alterations that were to be made on the buildings are installing ramp, repositioning telephones, widening door, installing grab bars in toilet stalls, and many others. Businesses have changed the building layout by creating more accessible routes, repositioning shelves, tables, chairs, vending machines that can make it difficult for a disabled person to move around (Scarborough, Zimmerer, and Wilson 721). Finally, the Americans with Disabilities Act had an impact on all the people. It had a positive impact on 43 million people with disabilities, by bringing all of them in the mainstreams of America. 

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