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John’s personal philosophy about communication affects his career. This is because communicating with a blackberry alone does not guarantee John that he will be effective in executing his duties as a manager. This on the other hand may not be the basis of his promotion in the organization. Gopal & Namita (2009) indicated that it is important for John to focus on the simplicity with which the communication channel should function. From the above scenario it is evident John’s communication is not effective across the entire range of his team. Using blackberry for calling or texting alone may not be effective when it comes to communication in workplace. Communication involves more than just texting and calling using advanced communication devices. Face to face communication is essential at some times essential because it is open and simple and drives major points at home.

Gopal & Namita (2009) the ability to communicate effectively in business is ranked at the top of the skills necessary for job success and promotion. In this context many studies show that an individual’s communication skill level relates directly to his or her receiving promotion and salary increases hence how effectively John communicates will determine how successful he will be on his job (Gopal & Namita, 2009).Gopal & Namita (2009) also indicated that “job instructions, production problems, complaints and day to day operations of a business depend on the exchange of information among its employees” (p. 4). John should note that in order get the anticipated promotion for his career he should demonstrate a satisfactory level of technical skill and knowledge in this field.

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The most important personal philosophy about communication that I would have is to be effective in my communication. This is because effective communication whether oral or written it is a skilled job (Kushal, n d). I would ensure that my communication is clear, precise and meaningful, free from obstruction and complete with feedback from the receiver. I would ensure that I use effective communication in controlling the activities of the personnel at the various levels of the company Kushal (n d). Another important philosophy that I would use according to Kushal (n d) is that effective communication would be the basis of my decision making, coordination and also use it to increase my managerial efficiency. Above all this I would use it to develop meaningful relationships, changing attitudes, boosting morale and soliciting cooperation within the company Kushal (n d). I would therefore use communication as a tool of building and developing human relations within the team.

In conclusion, using the above philosophy John will be able to maximize his job success and besides that ensure success of hi career. This will also enable him to get promotion because his communication will show his level of responsibility in his job and on the other hand improve the image of the company. Therefore how effectively John communicates to his juniors will determine the chances of receiving his promotion. This should not be on the basis of using a blackberry to call and sent text messages but on the aspects of managerial efficiency, decision making, employee relations and effecting control within his team. 

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