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Free Example of Company Annual Report Essay

Communication plays a great role in the success of any company. For effective governance of any organization, the leaders are supposed to retain an effective communication channels that ensures that issues that might be affecting the subordinates in an organization are well addressed. Reports have been used as a communication tools by FTSE Company.

In the report, the company recognizes the contribution that all employees have brought in the company and congratulates them. This plays a great role in motivating the employees to work hard towards the realization of the company goals and objectives. The report also has a comprehensive explanation of how the company is aiming to achieve its annual benefits and channels to be used in order to achieve these goals.

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The report highlights the risks and uncertainties that the company expects in the period. As a result, employees are able to come up with strategies to overcome the challenges. The report also contains the overview comments of the employees concerning the performance of the organization. As a result, the employees feel that they are part of the organization, and their decisions are recognized in the organization.

One thing that I like about the report is that it recognizes all departments that work together to sustain good performance. In addition, it highlights all issues that the employees need to undertake in order to improve the performance of the company. Lastly, it advises employees on how to avoid risks and uncertainties.

On the other hand, the report needs to communicate on strategies that the employees need to employ in order for the company to remain competitive in the market. In addition, the report needs to address ways that the employees are to undertake in order to improve customers’ loyalty towards the company and how to position the company strategically in the market. 

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