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Free Example of Conflicts at the Workplace Essay

The corporate world to today can be termed as one that has been very successful in the world business world. The modern corporate ethics and structures have seen a transformation that has never been seen before in the history of businesses and organizations. These transformations have introduced new ways of tackling the problems that were faced by businesses and organizations in the running of its activities. However, in as much as there are these transformations, the problems that were faced by businesses and organizations are still there, the only thing that has changed is the way they are handled. One of these problems is the issue of conflicts.

Conflicts can be termed as disagreements that occur between or among different members in a particular place resulting into resentment towards each other. There are various causes of conflicts that occur at the workplace. One of these causes is competition for resources. This has been a trait whereby different departments that perform different tasks compete for the little resources that are found within the business or organization. Such competition has often resulted in one department undermining the tasks that are carried out by the other department, thus seeing no sense in allocating a lot of resources to such a department. On the other hand, conflicts have arisen because of lack of communication between different parties in the business or organization. For example, lack of communication between the manufacturing and marketing and sales department has more than often led to conflicts.

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However, a business cannot be allowed to disintegrate because of conflicts. This is because there is no single person in the world who is perfect and therefore cannot be involved in conflicts. One of the tactics that has been used to tackle these conflicts is collaboration. This is a mode of approach to conflict in a way that allows both parties to emerge as winners in these conflicts. This approach in most cases has demanded for cooperation between different parties that are involved in the conflict as they search for solutions together. There are various recommendations that can be made to improve on the way that organizations deal with conflicts. It is important for organizations to understand that conflicts are part of their work and therefore requires a collective effort to deal with them.

Decision making

Decision making is another factor that has to be taken care of in the process of managing organizations. This is because of its ability to determine the direction that is taken by the business in terms of how it will run its activities. The success of any business or organization depends on the decisions that are made by individuals and teams in these businesses or organizations. For example, a decision has to be made whether to refund a customer because of low quality of service that was offered to such a customer. In such a case, there are various steps that have to be followed before the customer is refunded.

The first step to tackling such a problem is defining the problem that is within the organization. This is because after having defined the problem one will be able to determine the kind of path that needs to be followed when seeking for a solution to the problem that one has. The problem in the above case was a request by the customer for a refund because of dissatisfaction with the low quality of service that he had received. After having defined the problem, there is need to create a criterion that would be followed to determine the solution that is needed. For example, to refund the customer, there would be need to contact different departments that were involved in ensuring that the customer obtained the services that he was given. In regard to this problem, there would be need to contact the accounts department and the department that had offered this customer the said services.

It is also important to evaluate different solutions that can be provided to such a problem. For example, instead of refunding the customer, there may be need to inquire and see whether this customer can be comfortable if another team of experts was sent to him so that he could be given the services that he required afresh without paying again. After weighing the options, an appropriate solution can then be selected. However, this does not complete the decision making process. The process to be complete will require that the solution that has been selected be put into action.

In the case that has been stated above, there are various issues that were realized after the decision making process was complete. The company opted to refund the customer all amount of money that he had paid earlier on. While other steps were carried out well, when the solution was to be picked, the decision maker chose to refund the customer instead of redoing the services again. However, these managers were in a position to convince the customer that the services could be done better when they send a different team to do it. Therefore, this puts various ethical issues of the company at stake. For example, the image of the company is very important when it comes to decisions that are made by the company.

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