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Free Example of Delegate Essay

The delegation of duties by the manager of Electronics Assembly was effective in some way but fell short on certain instances. It seems Hector Cruz was a trusted senior technician, hence the delegation of duties to him.

Sarah Holt delegated all duties to Hector for the time she will be working on the budget. This was appropriate as it is more effective than dividing duties among several people. Therefore, Hector had full responsibility that enabled him make independent decisions that would lead to the effective running of the department. This led to him hiring a senior secretary without the consent of the manager.

Being a senior technician, Holt had proved to be the right person who can stand in for the manager. His talent, passion and desire for more responsibilities may have motivated the manager into making the decision of delegating the duties to him. Therefore, his overall performance came in handy in the selection for the task.

The manager delegated the duties but failed to outline the level of authority Holt was to exercise in his new assignment. This is why conflict arose after the manager discovered the appointment of a new senior secretary. The appointment may have reduced the load of work and enabled the department run more efficiently. However, Sarah’s desire was to appoint a senior secretary after taking the break. Therefore, it was necessary for her to consider the level of authority Holt was to exercise and the expected results.

A feedback system would have enabled the manager give her views without asserting too much control. This open communication helps build trust. After the completion of the task, the manager should have evaluated the results and not the methods employed by Holt. If the results are satisfactory, the manager should have rewarded the senior technician. This can be monetary, promotions, or promise of future delegation assignments.

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