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A reflection on how they have embraced e-business strategies in their marketing. In order to enhance it marketing capabilities Nokia has developed various e-business solutions that is applications and platforms.  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (2007) says that “Nokia has created an electronic platform on the internet that allows about 2.5 million users to obtain any kind of information about Nokia products that they may need in order to develop new solutions” (p. 201).

This is a e-marketing strategy that turns users into partners of the company. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (2007) continues to say that “this network of users is integrating Nokia into broader open source community a strategy that makes it easier for the company to spot users changing needs and tastes and to innovate in response” (p.201).

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 O'Sullivan (2009) says that “in 2000, ICL formed a joint venture with Nokia to support Nokia Information Managements e-business strategy” (p. 68). This made Nokia a world leader in its industry because of implementing e-business and customer relationship management solutions and services to support the company’s strategy. O'Sullivan (2009) continues to say that “the arrangement ensured that in addition to its growing resources; Nokia had the best expertise in the field at the service” (p. 68).

Through the use of e-business strategies Nokia has allowed other small and medium enterprises to gain access to new potential customers and collaborators and therefore increasing their market share (O'Sullivan, 2009). The e-business platforms and applications at Nokia therefore assisted the company to gain its competitive advantage in home and globally.

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