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The interview was conducted at a church organization, and the respondent was the pastor. The pastor, as the administrator of the church organization conducts research and analysis which helps him structure plans so as to ensure effectuality in his organization. The organization has formed a management strategy that ensures creation, strengthening, and preservation of a strong membership. The main goals for the church are to promote and maintain a good public image, reduce the operational costs due to limited resources, and support operational effectiveness of individual members.

This management process has proved valuable as it ensures an orderly decision making process that involves consultations among the decision makers, implementers and all other stakeholders as one tool that aid in decision making. The strategy also aims at collecting views and opinions of members for consideration during the decision making process. After the conclusion of deliberated decisions, the pastor comes up with the plan of action and remains its custodian. The process reflects the institutional culture with regard to communication and planning. Their planning framework involves setting; goals, target audiences, and the strategic results aimed at. Their communication scheme has operational and substantive priorities, and their approaches are clearly defined. They have developed programs with effective program management and have resources set aside to implement these programs. They also define actionable and strategic goals and implement an approach that guides all members in executing their respective responsibilities effectively whenever they have sufficient resources. The strategic management enables the church to serve the society in a manner that meets their desires and needs without failure.

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The organization has a crises management scheme which provides the techniques and skills to identify, assess, and cope with serious situations from when they occur until the execution of recovery procedures starts. Hence, major events that threaten organizationís survival by causing harm to its stakeholders or the general public are dealt with before greater losses happen. The crises management aims at accessing the threat posed to the establishment while keeping in mind that most threats occur unexpectedly. The strategy deals with the threat after it has occurred so as to ensure lengthy survival of the organization. There are also risk management measures that enable assessment of potential threats in order to find ways of avoiding them.

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