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Management is the process of working together with people to acquire desired objectives and goals using the available resources effectively and efficiently. Management comprises of four functions, which include; planning, leading, organizing and controlling.

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Planning as a management function means, looking ahead for the future courses of actions in an organization. It is a systematic activity that involves preparatory steps that determine how, when, and who to perform an assigned job. Planning process considers prospective and available organization resources which are both physical and human to enhance perfect coordination. Planning as a basic management function incorporates formulation of detailed arrangements to achieve demands of the organization using available resources.

Planning involves steps such as setting objectives to be accomplished, instigating the arrangement of premises to shape the future events. Planning also includes a selection of the alternative course of action to benefit the organization (Drucker, 2008). The other steps include securing cooperation, deriving sub plans to support the vital plans, and putting the plans into action.

Organizing is a management function that follows planning; it involves combination and synchronization of financial, physical and human resources to improve efficiency in an organization. The function of organizing in management assists in attaining results that upgrade the performance standards of the organization.

For the organizing function to be effective, the manager has to identify activities. This involves activities to be performed in concern such as preparing accounts and keeping records. To facilitate the organization function, the manager needs to incorporate departmentation for the organization to increase its performance. This step requires the manager to combine the related activities into the departments. Organizing as a management function requires the manager to classify the authority to avoid wasting time within the organization. Classifying the authority in an organization contributes to an effective working environment, through saving efforts and money. Organizing enhances coordination where employers interact with their employees to achieve the goals of the organization.

Controlling in management is a function that verifies if everything happens in relation to the plans initiated. Proper control of an organization leads to efficient utilization of resources to accomplish planned goals. It determines the deviation of real performance through discovering the causes, and correcting the actions. Controlling entails characteristics such as pervasive function which reflects the duty of managers at all levels in the organization.  Controlling relates with planning whereby the two aspects depend on each other for success of the organization. The other characteristic is that controlling as a dynamic process involves changes to be made where possible for the organization to run smoothly. Controlling enables the management to look forward and assess the future of the organization through making followups where possible.

Leadership is a vital function of management which maximizes efficiency to accomplish the goals of the organization. A leader in an organization initiates action by communicating policies to the subordinates. The leader also motivates employees, imparts confidence, and provides guidance to enable the organization to run smoothly.

For instance, I work in an organization that markets skin products, and for the management process to be efficient, we need to adopt its functions to maintain the standards of the organization. First and foremost, I consider planning as a significant role because it enables the management of the organization to prepare a working schedule for all employees. This enhances coordination when employees attend to their assigned duties through marketing the available skin products resources to meet the goals of the organization (Pigors, 2009).

The second function, which is organizing relates to the organization because; it assists the management to put into place sufficient funds and human resources. This helps to account for the selling of the skin products, and keep records for future use. In addition, departmentation in the organization makes it effortless to market the skin products because; each employee is aware of his duty and this saves time. Through proper organization, employees interact with employers in the company and discuss on factors that can contribute to increase the sales of the skin products.


Leadership function relates to the organization I work in when the manager issue polices, which gives us directions and strategies to market the skin products hence; generate profit to the organization. The leadership function reflects in the organization I work when the employer motivates the employee on increasing the products sales, which maintains the company standards.

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