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Men and women are becoming more and more similar in many ways with the number of working women and going to college or university increasing considerable.  However, there remains a unique distinguishable fact when in come to home ownership, health and drinking habits (Office of National statistics. 2009).  

Also in the U.K women have a higher life expectancy than men at birth. Unfortunately women spend more year in ill health than men do. Hal of the male and female population in the country are married and in cases of the widowed and/or the divorced, women are less likely to remarry than men.

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The U.K. men prefer owning a home, and are more likely to buy and own one compared to women who prefer renting one from the social service provider in the country. While more men than women are employed, the number of women that take up part-time jobs is greater than that of men. Also many men drive, yet it women who more of what ha come to be known as “escort trips” which include activities like taking children to schools or clubs (Office of National statistics, 2009).

Impact of the diversities on the employers’ policies and practices in recruitment and selection. Workforce diversity is the order of the day in many parts of the world today. The existences of these diversities certainly influence the employers’ employment policies. According to Wigan and Leigh Housing (2010) employment policies should embrace and ensure an organization achieves from diversity resource. However this may depend on so many other factors which may be external or unique to the organization.

Employer will seek to develop policies that overcome age buriers in that inhibit the work place from picking up some employees. Such a policy will value the employees, experiences, skills, and talents and also facilitate them in overcooking the challenges that make not to realize their full potential. As such the organization policy may be changed to allow for programs that support a wide range of employees in terms of ages.

Employment training facilities may also be developed by the policy to ensure that new recruits are trained on particular aspects of the business to help them get it not the steep appropriately. The policy should further encourage equal access to training opportunities by all employees irrespective of their age. 

In order to benefit from the available diversity resources organization will develop recruitment polices that allows consideration of all job applicants. At least every applicant shall be invited to sit for an interview and be subjected to the same fair process that every other employee undergoes.

The recruitment policies shall also be developed policies that will facilitate recruitment of the appropriate mix of skills and talent that can help the company achieve its objectives. The recruitment process will be modified to allow for a proper understanding of new recruits so that the organization can plan for training and nurturing the different skills noted in the new employees without any bias. The policy will further be made to facilitate creation of a friendly work environment that every worker is encouraged to do their best and facilitate achievement of the company’s objectives.

Diversity can encourage Modification of the policies where it is possible in order to minimize barriers that members of disadvantaged social groups and minority groups face. The policy will should ensure that members of the marginalized or minority group who are well qualified are given employment. 

The policy can be changed to facilitate the development the development of records containing recruitment information. This information can be used on a letter date to facilitate identification of inequality and unfairness in the process.

Many companies are adopting polices that facilitate in creating a workforce that reflects the population of a nation in terms of gender, race, and disability by instituting equality statutes within the policy and seeking to fulfill them.

The company or organization should provide training and direction to the managers, employees as well as the board members to facilitate or enhance their recognition and realization of their responsibilities as far as the policy is concerned.

The management should have away of determining whether the policy is working as it should. This can be done by entrenching within the policy measurable benchmarks that can be reviewed at various intervals to determine whether it is efficient. The employs can help provide feedbacks on whether the policy is successful.

Conducting regular reviews of the employment polices of a company as well as on its procedures is necessary to ensure that every statement in the policy aims at ensuring fairness and is in line with best practices for workforce hiring and management and that they reflect the intention of the prevailing legal requirements or legislations.

Finally the policy should facilitate the development or new and or reviewing, the present identity specific statements within it that concern themselves with matters of diversity at the work place such as ethnicity, religion and belief, gender, sexuality, age and disability (Wigan and Leigh Housing, 2010). 

How these factors may affect the employer’s attempt to create a diversified work force

Introduction of diversity in a work force many be faced with great resistance from the already existing employees who do not embrace diversity. For instance the employee from a particular religion may not positively take in the recruitment of anew member who is a faithful of another religion (Hicks, 2003 p159-184). They may thus try to instigate other employees against the new colleague.  Such resistance may also be a product of prejudices by the existing workers. However, conducting awareness programs for the members concerning diversity could help overcome the resistance.

Also it may be very difficult to attract people of various backgrounds and due to previous perception of recruitment process of companies in a particular region. For instance, if the disabled perceive a company not to have a place for them, they won’t appear anywhere close to that company seeking for employment

Deeply rooted ideologies and stereotypes may hinder the achievement of diversity through the recruitment process. For example the belief that pensioner should pave the way for new graduate with new ideas may reduce employment opportunities for the old people. Also stereotype about religion and gender may reduce the chance of job seekers of a particular religion, gender, ethnicity among other


Certainly, globalization is a force to reckon. It has affected the availability and mobility of labor, i.e. skill, experience and knowledge leading a great diversified pool of prospective employ. To benefit from this many organizations have had to adopt diversity at the work place through formulation of policies that enhance this diversity. Also coupled with, globalization is demographic changes that indicate great disparities in terms of distribution of populating worldwide. For instance the population in the developing world is expected to increase yet that one of the more developed and economically stable countries will remain like what stable. Countries, also participate in the process of globalization through stipulating regulations that govern workforce diversity to ensure there is fairness and equity at the work place. 

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