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When having a leader it is important to focus on how sharing leadership affects the experiences and the effectiveness of a group project (Lumsden, Donald & Wiethoff, 2000). Lumsden, Donald & Wiethoff (2000) indicated that “it is important that a group understands how leadership relates to ones credibility and also understand the qualities that contribute to effective leadership within an organization” (p. 28). According to Lumsden, Donald & Wiethoff (2000) when having a leader the group should focus on how having a leader helps the team or the organization wit transactional and task processes. They continue to indicate that the leader should be able to adapt and identify roles which contribute to better leadership within the organization (Lumsden, Donald & Wiethoff, 2000).

Another important aspect that should be considered when having leadership is the individual’s communication to team members. Lumsden, Donald & Wiethoff (2000) says that this is because communication is how leadership is exercised. Hesselbein, Goldsmith, &. Beckhard (1996) indicated that leaders must have visions of what is happening and what should happen and they must have the communication skills to get their insights across to the other organization team members. Hesselbein, Goldsmith, &. Beckhard (1996) continue to say that the leader must be able to see more deeply and grasp intuitively what may not be obvious or provable.

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In addition Lumsden, Donald & Wiethoff (2000) indicated that trustworthiness is an important factor which should be considered when having a leader. They continue to say that trust is essential to relationship in general and to leadership in particular and it can be measured in some ways. The leader should be able to prepare for meetings and at the same time e involved in both task and transactional processes (Lumsden, Donald & Wiethoff, 2000)

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