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Health information management in Lincoln Memorial Hospital generally involves the application of informatics to collect, store, and use or even transmit data and information in order to meet the required standards as set by the legal system, ethics, professionals and administration. Professional health information managers ensure that all these meet the set standards and ensure credibility. They also analyze the information which is then used by healthcare data contributors to deliver quality healthcare (Robson and Beak, 2009).

How the Requirements Created By the Joint Commission, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or State Legislatures Influence Quality Improvement Projects /Programs in Lincoln Memorial Hospital

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Professional organizations such as The Joint Commission, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or even the State Legislatures play a very important role in influencing quality improving projects in Lincoln Memorial Hospital. They set the standard requirements which the quality improvement programs are supposed to work towards and meet. Hence, in developing the necessary healthcare policies, the health information management professionals have or take into consideration all these standards as benchmarks (November, 2012).

How Lincoln Memorial Hospital Measures The Success Of Quality Improvement Projects/Programs.

The Lincoln Memorial Hospital measures the progress of the quality improvement programs on a regular basis so as to determine their success. This is done in several ways which include profitability methods. If records indicate a remarkable increase in profitability, this is a positive signal of improvements in the quality improvement program (Robson and Baek, 2009).

Customer satisfaction is another parameter that the hospital uses to gauge success of its quality improvement projects. When the hospital's customers give a satisfactory feedback on the hospital's products and services, this is proof enough that the hospital is making a remarkable progress in its programs. Besides, this is also a good recipe for profitability. Employee satisfaction is also equally an important indicator of the programs' success as well as employee and other stakeholders' satisfaction (November, 2012).

Methods of Stress Management during Quality Improvement Projects

Coping with pressure at the work place is a very difficult especially when implementing the quality improvement program. Lincoln Memorial Hospital realizes the need to help its workers on these programs to relieve these pressures as it would impact on their physical and emotional well being. Therefore, the hospital decided to put into place some stress management strategies to help staff cope up with pressures at the workplace (Robson and Baek, 2009).

One initiative of the hospital includes holding a number of team-building events for its workers to take time off work and relieve themselves of stress. These events come in the form of sporting events and charity work such as cleaning the environment. This doubles as a corporate social responsibility as it also involves the neighboring communities where these events take place (November, 2012).

The hospital has also come up with a well defined stress management programme. The health and safety committee works to identify the common stressors in the workplace and then develops the relevant stressor controls such as establishing human resource management systems to support effective proactive management. Components of such systems include performance management programs, equity management plans, occupational health and safety plans, grievance resolution processes, as well as discipline and inability to perform procedures (Robson and Baek, 2009).

Other initiative includes nurturing a good working environment for both the management and staff, creating a good and effective communication between the management, supervisors and staff. This helps to create a better understanding of all the workplace issues and procedures (November, 2012).

Implications of the Interview to Professional Growth

The interview gave a number of lessons important for professional growth. It clearly outlines the role of health information management professionals and how they impact on the overall performance of the healthcare organization. From the interview, it can also be deduced that there is a very important need to identify the common workplace stressors and come up with the correct iniative to curb them. This ensures a good physical and emotional health for the workers and hence has a positive impact on professional growth.

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