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Persons with disabilities include those with epilepsy, arthritis, hypertension, and major depression, inability to walk, hear or see ad mental retardation among others. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects such individuals form humiliation and mistreatment by employers and such other parties who relate to them. In a hospital, job opportunities for persons with disabilities may be limited due to the critical nature of human life (, 2013). However, opportunities in departments other than health professionals can be taken up by persons with a disability. HR should also provide reasonable accommodation for persons with disability that work for the organization. However, the employer need not provide accommodation that would result into undue hardship to the organization and to the victim. Tasks given to persons with disabilities should be those that they can perform while managing their impairment.

A person with disability must be able to fulfill the essential functions of an organization. The essential functions of an organization refer to those that can be done by the other employees who are not disables. They are the fundamental duties of the given job position in question. The employment practices covered include recruitment, promotion, hiring, firing, performance appraisal, job assignment, layoffs and leaves and such other benefits enjoyed by the other employees. Certain conditions were not previously considered disabilities like chronic fatigue. Presence of the attorney also ensures that at all times the employer is up to date with any changes in law.

ADA has greatly influenced relationships at work place with employees with disability. The people are more guarded and protected which has offered them security at work. There exists equal treatment of people at work place irrespective of their disabilities. People with disabilities are now able to work even in the highest ranks in an organization.

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