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Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world. Its working environment is characterized by concurrent recruitment of new graduates and ‘lifetime- employment’ model that is used by major companies. The country has a culture of long working-hours and strong commitment to one’s company. The best companies recruit and retain the most active workers by offering them better remuneration and job security. The country’s education system is very competitive as students work hard to achieve success and get employed by the prestigious companies.

As a new entrant into the market, our company will have to equip the employees with the necessary skills to remain competitive in the market. Employees will have to undergo intense training so as to gain job-based knowledge and adapt to the culture of working long-hours. Employees will be expected to work hard and demonstrate loyalty to the company. In exchange for this, they will gain some benefits such as bonuses, insurance, housing subsidies and pensions. In addition, they will be given some degree of job security. They will be engaged in decision making processes so that their ideas and contributions are considered before major decisions are made. Employees will be encouraged to maintain group loyalty both at work and outside the firm. The company will periodically organize for retreats, where the employees mingle freely with the management. Therefore, this will enhance harmony and a sense of responsibility.

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Employees will be evaluated individually on the basis of their commitment to the success of the firm, their hard work and for demonstrating managerial skills in their work. The best workers will be rewarded, while the non –performers will be denied certain incentives offered by the company. Those who prove to be committed and loyal to their work will be promoted to senior levels. In order to increase the productivity, a large workforce will be required, coupled by better wages to motivate them.

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