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Free Example of ISO 9004 Essay

ISO 9004 is a set of rules and regulations that aim at giving guidance to organizations with the objective of improving the quality of management and performance of the organizations. The management of any organization should adopt quality management as part of the strategic decisions of the organization. The ISO 9004 bases its quality management provisions on 8 management principles. Any organization must strive to spot and act to the needs and objectives of its clients and any other interested parties, who may include suppliers, shareholders or stakeholders. This is a requirement for achieving competitive advantage. An organization must also strive to achieve, maintain, and improve the capacity, ability and general organizational performance. The quality management principles, which are in the ISO 9004, provide a number of direct benefits to an organization and reduce costs and risks of management.

Benefits of Adopting Quality Management Standards

Quality management promotes the aspect of consumer loyalty to the products and services of the organization.

Secondly, an organization is likely to enjoy operational benefits such as high revenues and increased market share.

Quality management also helps an organization to be flexible and in responding to various market opportunities that arise in an industry.

The ISO 9004 requires organizations to adopt a process approach while enacting, initiating, and improving the competence of a quality management scheme. A process approach helps in reducing losses during internal operations due to an effective link between processes.

ISO 9004 considers the need for contentment of other concerned parties and the high performance of the organization, apart from ensuring customer satisfaction and high product quality. The standards are applicable to all the internal and external processes of an organization.

Management of Systems and Processes

Effective leadership and operation of any organization require the adoption of a systematic approach. The management system must, however, consider the interest and needs of other parties other than customers.


Documentation is a necessary aspect of a successful management system of an organization. Documentation systems of an organization must satisfy the statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements. The documentation system must suit the organization’s operations and internal structure.

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Responsibility of Management

The top management of any organization must provide adequate leadership, commitment, and active participation in all operations of the organization. This should be in line with the establishment and maintenance of an effective, quality management system that meets the needs of interested parties.

Satisfaction of Needs and Expectations of Interested Parties

Organizations need to understand and meet the current and future requirements and expectations of all concerned stakeholders, who include current and potential customers, shareholders, owners and the community.

Legal and Statutory Requirements

Any organization must know the rules and regulations that govern the industry, products, and services that the organization produces. These requirements must be a party to the quality management system of the organization. Such considerations include the ethical requirements and the role played by the organization towards the community.


The management of an organization must assume the responsibility of ensuring quality management of the organization’s operations. This includes the processes, which are essential in achieving the objectives of the organization.

Responsibility, Authority and Communication

Top management of organizations must implement an effective protocol and clear assignment of roles to each member of staff.

Resource Management

The management of an organization has to ensure the availability of all essential resources for the initiation of organizational strategies towards the attainment of company objectives. Resources could be employees, information, finances or natural resources.

People Involvement in the Management Process

Management of organizations requires the inclusion and support of other people within the organizations to achieve quality management objectives. The involvement of other people provides a wide scope of view of an idea within an organization.

The ISO 9004 has several elements that top management in companies must consider achieving quality management. The above factors are just but a few of the requirements.

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