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Jobs are extremely important in the modern economy. The first importance of having a job is that it increases a person financial security. A person with a job has more independent life and he or she can more freely cater for his or her financial needs. The second importance of a job is that it improves a person living standard. A person without a job cannot be compared to a person who has a job. While a person with a job has a better life than a person without a job. Thirdly, having a job increases a personís ability to access more resources. In this case, he or she is financially capable of accessing the resources that he or she wants while he or she has money. Finally, a job improves the quality of personís health because he or she can choose better health facilities and other benefits.

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In a family setting, a job is an important thing for a person to pose. It reduces mental stress or depression that a person might have when he or she does not have a job. For example, during economic hardships, a person can be extremely stressed if he or she does not have a job leading to family break ups. Secondly, jobs increase the financial security of a person. For instance, when a man has a job, he has higher chances of feeding his family than when he does not have one. This shows that having a job in a family is a good thing.. Finally, a job creates better living conditions in a family. In conclusion, when one member of the family has a job is a good thing for the whole family.

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