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Johns Manville and its managers were morally responsible for asbestos-related injuries that were sustained by other workers. Despite abundant evidence of asbestos toxicity available to the company as well as to the board, they continued to incorporate it into their products.† We can, therefore, conclude that by failing to cease to use asbestos in their products, they were responsible for Clarence Borelís condition. All the individual managers were also morally responsible since they did not take steps to stop asbestos from being incorporated into the products and causing harm to the employees. One of the factors that led to those responsible being cleared of any wrongdoing was the fact that the company had to create a personal injury settlement trust that was geared towards compensating those who had been affected. The government officials believed that Clarence Borelís condition came as a result of the company using the toxic substance despite having prior knowledge of its harmful effects on the employees. It was a case of negligence on the part of the mangers since they could not take a decisive action in stopping the toxic substance from being used.There are several social effects that are associated with carrying out advertising. Through advertising, the general public becomes aware of what products are suitable for their lives. It is also presents the community with an opportunity to make their judgement about products that might be harmful to their health. Carrying out an advertisement campaign is one of the most effective ways of educating the society about the benefits of using a given product. For instance, health institutions may decide to launch an advertisement campaign to warn people about smoking and its effects on individualsí health. Though advertisements are expected to bring about positive outcomes, there are some limitations that can be brought to the community as well. This includes the possibility that consumers might be cheated into purchasing a given product. This is usually true in the case of younger generations who spend hours watching television programmes. As a result, they end up watching aggressive and false advertisements. As noted by Galbraith, the need for using a particular product is created through an effective advertisement which narrates the benefits gained by using the product.

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William Panny, who was appointed by William Agee to help him in operating Bendix, was never treated fairly. The first reason for sacking William Panny was the fact that he was opposed to the purchase of ASARCO since he saw it as an unnecessary expense on the part of the company. As a result, his concerns were supported by Bendix management team (Velasquez, 2010). This meant that he was gaining popularity among the board and the only way for William Agee† to limit his continued performance was to sack him. It is, therefore, worth noting that justice was not done to William Panny and he should never have been sacked for his success in the company. A manager should always be accessible, and when he is not, it should not signify that people that surround him or her are to blame for that. Mary Cunningham was never held responsible before the board for viewing William Agee as inaccessible, and it was not fair to sack her for actions that should have been blamed on Agee (Velasquez, 2010). Agee was a leader who could make his own decision and that most board members were unable to access him was not the fault of Mary Cunningham.

Employees should be allowed to have freedom of conscience. This can be demonstrated in their judgement in what is right and wrong and what is expected of them as employees. The possibility of employees being given this freedom allows them to express openly their feelings when they feel that something is not going well in the organization they are employed at. Conscience, on the other hand, is used as an illustration of moral behaviour in a given environment. Employees should be engaged in whistle blowing tactics any time they feel that there is something wrong in the organization where they work. For instance, when employees witness that funds in the company are not being used for the intended purpose, then they are obliged to report this. External whistle blowing may occur within an organization when the staff and management of a given organization refuse to give away those found to be implicated in fraudulent activities.†

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