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I was not fully motivated to participate in the project. Thus, I would have been motivated better by the members of the team had they focused on criticizing the performance,not personality; judge not the staff but behavior.  Levin (2010) states that people may perform tasks poorly, but still are valuable to the enterprise. In real life, respect wins respect, and love begets love. Members of the team should show greatness when talking to little employees in the team. Many workers are inappropriately branded lazy, useless, unqualified or incompetent. The team suffers from the fact that, the management often has difficulty distinguishing between behavior and attitude. Therefore, I would have participated more if, the management addressed behavior and not attitude.

Organizational values are commitment to people and to task. Desire to serve and support the team and also lead from the front, inspiration, sufficient expertise and enthusiasm make part of individual values. Lastly, the willingness of an individual to shoulder responsibility and not to make the team to always come together in order to achieve. Individual values are aspects that a person believes in. For instance, being a good friend and loyalty to the team and the organization.

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Meta-analysis suggests that although both individual and organizational values tend to concur in the context of team performance, organizational values are more a hindered when it is strongly linked with individual values. However, De Dreu and Weingart (2003) proposed that the two values (organizational and individual) can complement each other taking into consideration the intragroup trust.  The authors indicate that trust moderates this relationship so that individual and organizational values are unrelated in teams that have high intragroup trust. This is based on the fact that, groups with high trust are not likely to encounter conflicts between individual and organizational values.

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