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Free Example of Leadership for Protection Essay

A leader is believed to be a person who has influence and capabilities of directing a group. Leadership therefore is an official title. Eastman and Eastman (1971) identify leadership as an illusive concept, one that is very confusing rather than enlightening.  Leadership can be both formal and informal as long as the leader is able to influence the people of his team and help them to perform in a positive manner.

Specific Leadership Activities

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There exists a variety of leadership activities that are performed by supervisory and managerial personnel. The following functions are not limited to security as they are universal and can be applied in any employment setting. These leadership activities include: decision making for problem solving, communication on decision arrived to all stakeholders and many more.

Ability to Select the Right People for a Job

This happens during the hiring phase, in the security field, this is a vital aspect of leadership, because the tasks and organizational culture demand a very precise fit between the officer and the assignment.

Specific Leadership

There are a number of traits that the leader should possess. These attributes, essential in the course of the leadership, are the capability to visualize and the ability to influence others. Important Attributes

The Capability to Visualize

The leader should have a visual image of where he wants to take the organization in the near future, especial for executive managers.

The Ability to Influence Others

This is among the most important traits one should have to be considered a good leader. Leaders should be able to impart their views, decisions, and visions on others, especially their subordinates. They should be able to teach, mentor and motivate others in their sphere of work.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is the style of leadership that is change oriented; it all starts with a vision, which is transformed in various stages and processes of formation of a new organization. It is an important aspect in those organizations that are new. A director, who is also a leader, can face with new ideas or implementations and he will, therefore, require this type of leadership, be it a new security program or a revision of an existing one.

Women in leadership

In the recent past, dynamics have changed and it is now obvious that women and people of various races are taking over leadership roles; it is even illegal for an organization not to hire an individual based on gender and race. In the security field, gender equality has been enforced and females received the jobs.

Leadership in crisis situations

The security leaders both in private and public sectors play important roles when it comes to disasters and emergency management. Events such as hurricanes, terrorist attacks, food shortages and earthquakes. Hence they must have emergency management skills to handle such situations.


There are various leadership roles in the security operations industry and they all come with rewards and challenges. Leadership in the security industry has become very popular as the industry blossoms. With the correct leadership, it is destined for greatness and it is the duty of the leaders to ensure they put every effort to take the industry to greater heights.

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