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Free Example of Marketing Public Relations Essay

This paper considers proactive, reactive marketing public relations, and the categories of on- premises signage as well as their roles or relevancies. This topic is on the subject of marketing. This involves the exercise of informing the market about the availability of a good or service and the particulars of the product. The aim is no doubt to increase the sales of a firm. With such a goal realized, the income accruing to the firm would have increased and hence realization of the set objectives.

Reactive marketing reflects a response to the activities being undertaken by competitors. An exercise is done in response to what rivals in the market are doing or engaging in. it therefore seeks to counter the gains made or to be made by other firms. This can involve an engagement of the similar activity or strategy employed by the competitor. For example, where a rival lowers the price of their products, a firm also lowers theirs by the same margin or further. Where a competitor gives incentives, the firm also embarks on such a program with the sole aim of maintaining its clients or customers.

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Proactive marketing public relations involve the engagement of new strategies for marketing. New ideas on how to reach the market and win a substantial amount is designed and executed. This is not done in response to what the competitors are doing. It is instead geared towards reaching the clientele regardless of the activities of the rivals. This system is usually expensive and time consuming. Starting of a new system is always a challenge. Funds are required to finance the project. It is difficult since it is a new strategy in the market therefore the uncertainty whether it succeeds or fails. This however when conducted well and becomes successful, guarantees huge returns since it leads to effective communication to customers about the availability of some product and its particulars.

Both are however modes of marketing. They all aim at informing customers about products and the achievement of their intentions to purchase the products. The market is thereby informed about some products. They are persuaded or convinced to use the products on offer. The former model is however cheap and easy since it only involves a response towards the behavior of the competitor in the market. It is usually not planned for since the market remains unpredictable. The latter is planned for in contrast to the other system that is abrupt due to the means or tactics adopted by the other players in the market. Proactive marketing public relations can involve designing of strategies to capture the market of some new product in the market. It could therefore entail informing customers of the availability of the products and the special attributes of the product.

The two categories of on-premises signage are Free- standing and Building mounted signs. The first category includes monument signs, pole signs, portable signs, inflatable signs, and other forms of signs that are unattached to a retail building. These usually do not a fixed clientele who are the target group. They aim at a large group of market. The products are usually wide spread and would entail uniform products, which are utilized by persons of across board. For example the use of cell service products.  

The second category is the Building Mounted. It entails projecting signs on walls, roofs, banners, murals and canopy or awning signs. The aim is a particular class or portion of the market. Since these are fixed at some locations, their target must be residing at the or areas near the signs. They can be effective when they are located at the correct positions. They however tend to be expensive as compared to the former model. This category may also be riskier since they aim at a particular target. Where not all may please the group, the effectiveness of the advert would be lost and hence huge losses in costs.

The ABCs of on-premise signs include enabling consumers identify and locate businesses. This has the capability of influencing their choices and decisions, which they make regarding the purchase or acquisition of some products. New customers are also easily guided on locations to get such advertised products. This has the effect of increasing sales of a firm. Therefore, the signs can attract new category of customers. Where good quality services are rendered, the customers are likely to maintain the outlet as their choice for the products wherever they want them Hence, this builds the client base for the firm. This increases income earned.

 By use of on-premises signs, retailing is branded in the customers minds. It tells about the location and the kind of goods on offer for sale. This attracts the customers to the place for purchases. The effect of this is the attainment of a stable customer base that is beneficial towards the survival of the firm in the market. By so doing, the aims as envisaged are easily achieved. It is important that every business organization identifies its models of marketing since it helps it reach the market and thereby earn more income.

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