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Advertisements in traditional marketing are done by marketers and advertisers themselves whereas in modern marketing anyone can advertise the product.  The company decides what is to be done in terms of the product design however, in modern marketing the customer is able to provide a feedback which is used by the company to improve on the product (Gummerson, 2002). The company is then able to get loyal customers. Relationship marketing gives the customer the chance to make decisions on what he or she is going to buy.

The traditional marketer passes on information to the user. However in relationship marketing information is two way. The neo marketer has to listen to the customer. The company therefore does not determine what the customer might prefer but follows what the customer actually prefers (Buttle, 1996). 

Traditional marketers used to categorise products as per the region or particular segment. However, in modern marketing the product is specific to a certain customer.

This leads to perfectly tailored products which the client accepts in an instance. Deception in traditional marketing is rampant. This is because the customer discovers that he/she does not get value for money. However, in modern marketing the customer knows what he/ she is going to purchase. Modern marketing has gained favour from the customer due to this level of authenticity and transparency. In traditional marketing development is separated from marketing because the two are not correlated.

The mechanism of operation of relationship marketing links together development and marketing. In relationship marketing, the customer is able to challenge the company to offer new products hence triggering development.

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