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Free Example of Organizational Structure Essay

Organizing is a management function that involves the coordination of organizational activities in order to achieve the final goals and objectives.  It is the process of coordinating the staff and physical resources in order to accomplish organizational targets. This entails dividing tasks into groups, specifying the appropriate department for each task and determining the optimum number of tasks or jobs in each department. Citing an example from the hospitality industry, one of the challenges hospitality managers face in the modern world is the formulation of adaptive organizational structure which is committed to total quality (Bateman & Snell, 2011).  The scaffold of tasks, sectors and departments that make up any organization ought to be directed towards achieving the organization’s goals. Further contribution by Aldag and Stearns (1987) added that the organizational structure of a hospitality business must be aligned with the formulated strategic plan.  

Shippes and Manz (1992) observed that executives, managers and supervisors organize structure of a hospitality sector through job specialization, organization, establishment of authority patterns and span of control. This elaborates the hotel’s organizational design that entails the location, functions, customer-base, ideals, product, service, marketing channels, and departmentalization. This helps determine which structure best suits your selected organization’s needs. There are as many hybrid matrix and degrees of job specialization within the hospitality industry as there are types of organization. Borsenik and Stutts  (1997) noted a case of a hotel where the operator is responsible for registering guests, check-in of the guests, handling guests’ complaints, offering housekeeping for the guest rooms, check-out of the guests, repairing and maintaining the building and follow-up of guests after departure.  Figure 2-1 below is an organizational structure of Hilton Hotel.

Source: Robert, D. Dewar, & Donald, P. Simet (March, 1981). A level-specific prediction of spans of control examining the effects of size, technology, and specialization. Academy of Management Journal.

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The Hilton Hotel structure is a one-management authority structure compared to Hotel Oriental which is a dual-management authority structure. Further comparison indicates that Hilton Hotel has many departments. The organizational structure for Hotel Oriental Regent - Shenzhen hotel is shown below.  

Source: Robert D. Dewar, & Donald, P. Simet (March, 1981). A level-specific prediction of spans of control examining the effects of size, technology, and specialization. Academy of Management Journal.

Regency Hotel chain is another example of an organizational structure used for comparison in this essay as shown below.  

Comparised Analyze

The comparison is analyzed as follows:


Hilton Hotel

Hotel Oriental Regent - Shenzhen hotel

Regency Hotel

Level(s) in the top organizational structures




Advantages in the organizational structures

It is well designed, management functions allow quick decision making, staff development and progression

It is easy to coordinate work among three top managements

It offers team work and easy dissemination of organizational tasks

Disadvantages in the organizational structures

It is expensive since the top management positions attract high salaries

Top management has plenty of tasks and few development opportunities for leaders

It is relatively expensive to maintain such a hierarchy of authority

The main challenge the management faces is the diversity of the employees in the hospitality sector’s departments.  Organizing is an important issue in all the departments that include the administration, marketing, finance, human resources, production, logistics, transport and general operations. The key responsibility of all the managers is to make sure they meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.

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