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Key learning points. The research article examines possibility of the successful quality management (QM) implementation on the grounds of the managementís approach towards service quality as follows: a) Improved QM competitiveness and excellence are based on the perceived service quality; b) Quality of service depends on the effective implementation of the customer-driven management; c) The customersí satisfaction is achieved by basic customer requirements from operational perspective.

Relevant statement to the session. The top managerís service quality efforts should be directed to exceed the customersí expectations, by improved perception and resolved QM problemswithin the process of the service delivery and outcomes of the consuming service.

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Critical analysis. The article raises a hypothesis that the system-related elements of QM render inconsistency to the process of QM implementation and, therefore, impede sufficient and efficient impact of the top managerís strategies within that process. However, the operationís perspective of service quality is based on the continuous meeting of the service specification without considering gaps between expectations, perceptions and service quality delivery.

Practical implementation. The study is helpful for examination of the aspects of Customer Relationship Management that defines the customerís position in the quality management cycle and studies impact of the managerial approach on service excellence.

Learning reflections. The alternative paths of the top management approach can be assessed in the light of the customer lifecycle process, which includes the strategies for the customer acquisition, customer retention and customer development.

Summary about the article. The study of the research article was based on the semi-structured mail-based interviews of the three service industryís participants that had a top executive with over four years of experience in TQM initiatives, and had separate quality department. The results showed that operationís perspective of QM would lead to either continuous improvement of service quality or failure in customer retention and development strategies.

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