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Relationship marketing uses customer retention and satisfaction strategy and ensures direct response during marketing(Buttle, 1996). . Relationship marketing values the customer and aims at forming long term relationships. Communication in relationship marketing goes beyond sales promotion and advertising. Relationship marketing has evolved with globalisation and development of the internet. The internet specifically has ensured that relationship marketing moves a notch higher through creation of collaborative communication avenue. Relationship marketing involves PR, social media and application development (Buttle, 1996). Relationship marketing is very broad and involves the use of various tools and technology to organize and automate communication channels in sales and marketing. 

Relationship marketing main objective is to recruit new, retain current customers and reducing marketing costs. The implementation of relationship marketing may include all sectors such as client service. Relationship marketing entails the formation of a bond with the client. The customer and the seller both create a long term bond that ensures that their needs are effectively addressed. The personalised purchase of goods enables marketers and clients gain a whole new experience (Buttle, 1996). The customer is able to provide feedback to the marketer who can later forward the comments to their relevant departments for improvements. Those comments that touch on marketing are always important to the marketer for improvement purposes.

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Globalisation and advancement of technology had led to evolution of the marketing scene. Currently there is a sharp rise in online marketing and internet advertising. E commerce has dominated the scene due to the low cost of operation. Traditional marketing which dominated in the recent past is now threatened by modern marketing. However even with the growth in modern marketing methods traditional marketing is being integrated into new and existing forms of marketing.

Traditional marketing is based on factors which touch on promotion of product as well as determining the price of the product. Traditional marketing uses advertisements as he only way to give the product visibility. In traditional marketing, the target market is further fragmented into sections based on the demographics and behavioural characteristics (Gummerson, 2002). Marketing strategies are then employed based on each segment. Therefore it is possible to apply different marketing strategies in different segments. Marketing studies often precede product launch so that the only products that are destined for a particular market get to that market. The focus in traditional, marketing is to ensure that only products which are required in a particular region are marketed there.

The traditional, marketing technique is focuses on the product and the company rather than the customer (Gummerson, 2002) . The brand is popularised and marketed through the use of advertisements. By increasing the brand visibility through advertisements the company’s reputation is increased. In this type of marketing the company decides how it is going to treat its customers, unlike modern marketing whereby the client and the customer acquire mutual benefit.  Traditional and modern marketing methods use advertisement as a major tool of marketing their products. However, in traditional marketing competing companies  may end up manufacturing almost similar goods. The customer is most disadvantaged because he does not get what he/she wanted (Gummerson, 2002).

The question about whether traditional marketing is valid today has dominated most of the company’s forums. In this era, the world is developing rapidly and it is very important for the company to adopt the best practises in order to remain relevant.

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