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Leadership is a critical function of management. Through effective leadership, organizations are able to achieve their organizational goals and objectives. Leadership is important to me since it is only through effective leadership that a leader can motivate his/her subjects. Employees are motivated in an organization if their leaders play servant leadership role. In this leadership style, the leader allows his/her servants to participate in the process of decision-making. Effective leadership is also critical since a leader is able to provide guidance to his/her subjects on how to perform critical tasks in an organization. Several rules guide my leadership practice. One of the rules is to appreciate the effort contributed by the employees. Acknowledgement of good work motivates employees to perform their functions well. Another key rule is ruling with integrity. For a leader to guide his/her subjects with integrity, he/she needs to seek the best for his/her subjects. It requires leaders to ignore their personal gains while leading subjects. Practicing good stewardship also helps leaders to serve with integrity. Observing equality is another key rule that leaders should practice while leading subjects. It helps leaders to avoid favoring certain individuals. Leaders should also provide an environment that allows other people to express themselves freely.

In 1978, I learnt of the importance of a leader consulting servants from my father. My father was the head of our family. Before he made any important decision in our home, he always sought our approval first. We used to have family meetings on Friday each week in order to discuss the things that we could do in order to improve our family relationship. This helped in strengthening our family relations. Whenever we had any conflicts, we used to discuss before reaching a solution for solving the conflict. It taught me the value of consultation during conflict (Mumford 2010). My economics teacher also influenced my leadership skills in many ways. He always stressed the importance of leaders practicing high standards of ethics while leading their subjects. Most businesses fail because of engaging in unethical practices. Financial crisis occur when lenders do not observe high standards of ethics while giving credit to businesses. Moreover, most organizations face financial crisis because its senior accountants or the senior managers embezzle the funds of such organizations. It shows that upholding high ethical standards help an organization to avoid the risk of facing financial difficulties. It taught me that leaders should uphold high ethical standards in order to ensure financial success of a company.

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On May 1990, I was the leader of the business club in our school. This experience enabled me to learn all the strategies that I could adopt in order to handle pressure. I was supposed to achieve several targets that were stipulated in our business club. This motivated me look for techniques that our business club could adopt in order to meet the targets set. My skills for dealing with pressure developed because of this. In 1991, I experienced my first leadership position while working. I used to work at a super store while still studying. The manager of the store was impressed by my dedication, and promoted me to the position of stock manager in this store. I had to work closely with all the employees in order to avoid stock losses. In addition, this helped me to learn the strategies to adopt in order to forecast inventory requirement. I learnt the benefits of teamwork through this experience. In 1992, I experienced a significant personal challenge. The store that I used to work for started experiencing financial difficulties. The stock levels were unable to reach the demand of consumers. The manager was forced to lay off some of the employees and I was a victim. I felt disappointed since as a leader, I was supposed to help our store to succeed financially.

In 1993, I got a formal employment in an investment firm. I was given the task of supervising the junior staff of this company. From this experience, I learnt the importance of delegating staff to junior employees. We always completed our tasks on time because of this. In 1997, I was inspired by the transformational style that Bill Gates, whom I admire for leadership and charisma, adopted while leading Microsoft. In addition, he is always a visionary leader and this can be illustrated from the fact that he always had a vision of making his company to be successful. In 2008, I learn of the importance of leader encouraging innovation for the success of any firm. Steve Jobs was successful in introducing innovative products such as iPhone and iPad since he encouraged innovation in his company (Sander 2011). Steve Jobs was also very persistent since he always believed that his company would succeed even when it faced financial difficulties.

On 2009, I faced leadership challenges since the department of the organization that I worked in was facing a malpractice lawsuit. I was supposed to explain why I did not set strict measures to ensure that ethics were observed in our department. However, I was able to solve this issue. Since 2010, I have won many awards in our organization since the employees appreciate my servant leadership style of leaders. I always feel that the things me milestones that I have gone through have contributed to my definition as a successful leader.

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