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Free Example of Single DHCP Server Essay

Using a Single DHCP Server to Serve Multiple Network can be achieved through configuration. There are several options that can be applied to configure the network B rather than installing the same DHCP server on network B, this can be done by using a single DHCP server to serve multiple Networks. The most possible ways to achieve this is through the following techniques: (Andrew, 2004)

Using IP address.

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Through the use of IP address it is possible to configure the router connected to Network B so that it can send DHCP request to a DHCP server to another Network in this case Network B, this can be achieved though inserting the IP address of the interface of the router to the DHCP client’s Network to the sent packet on the DHCP server. The routers IP address field overruns the broadcast access and then utilizes this feature to access the DHCP address that is useful to the client on Network B. You can also configure the same feature to Cisco devices via the IP address helper to access command onto the interfaces which the DHCP clients are rested.

Using the DHCP Relay Agent.

The DHCP relay Agent enables you to send a DHCP and access requests from Networks with out DHCP server to many other DHCP services on some other Networks.  If a DHCP client request for data, the DHCP relay Agent sends the request to the catalogue of DHCP servers selected when the DHCP relay is triggered  so that when the DHCP server  brings back the relay  from a subnet with a DHCP server, for example  Network A  with  a DHCP to the Network B. The replay is disseminated or either uncast onto the subnet the originally sent the request.  The DHCP relay Agent takes   all the requests from the interfaces unless specified, this would enable Network B to use the DHCP already installed on the subnework A. (Douglas, 2008)

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