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Free Example of Successful Project Essay

For a project to be successful, the customer and contractor have to work together. They should keep close communication to ensure that the desires of the customer are met, while the design of the project remains unaffected. For this reason, before the commencement of a project, the customer and contractor should sit down and set up a number of control systems aimed at harmonizing their work and timeframe. As an example of such a control system timeframe can be used. Both the client and the contractor need to sit down and analyze all the requirements so that they come up with a deadline for the completion of the project. The other control system that requires utilization is the division of power. This system ensures that the project manager is not misusing the authority assigned to him. It also regulates the conflicts that may arise between the project manager and the customer.

A possible imbalance is likely to occur if the control systems, which were set out in the initial stages of the project, are not adhered to. A possible scenario is when the authority of the project manager is scraped, but still he is expected to act responsibly. Responsibility goes together with the authority and if the manager’s authority interferes with the customer or his agent then it becomes difficult for the project manger to undertake his work. Another situation may arise when the project manager is entrusted with too much authority so that it affects his responsibilities as the project manager. In such a situation, he is likely to over exercise his powers to make things run his way. The effect of such actions may adversely affect the entire project. The project may end up using additional resources that were not included in the initial budget. In addition, the project may require more time, in such a way forcing the deadline to be moved to a later date.

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