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Free Example of Technology Changes in Businesses Essay

Many businesses would like to be competitive and effective in their operations and this has made the businesses to continually change the type of technology they are using. Change is the word that brings challenges to the organization. Changing of technology makes the organization to face many challenges. Some of the challenges are discussed below.

The first challenge the organization faces is that the human resource personnel should be trained to have knowledge on the newly installed technology. This means that the organization has to incur extra cost in training the employees. The organization also has to take some time in training the employees.

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The management may also face the challenge of responsiveness. The organization will take some time before it responds to the changing technology. When the organization takes time before it responds, its performance will decrease (Wild, 2001).

The organization may also face the challenge of retrenching some of the employees. Due to change in technology some employees will be jobless especially advancement in information technology. This will bring about unemployment and this will bring about industrial strikes to the organization.

Continuous change in technology will also lead to restructuring and re-organization of the organization. These processes are costly, takes time and very risk.

The management should therefore address the above challenges so that they will be effective. The organization should be flexible to alter with the changes.  The managers should effectively plan, control, organize, lead and manage the changes in the organization. The organization also requires quick responsiveness to meet challenges and threats arising from these changes (Lazer, 2007).

The BUSN105 scenario that deals with home appliances needs to have in place appropriate technology decisions. It should select the most appropriate methodology or design for example the analytic hierarchy process (Wild, 2001). The decision model should clearly define the context and the scope of work. The business should have different technology alternatives and examine the critical factors and benefits that affect the appropriateness of the technology.

The types of information technology that would increase production includes; computer networking technology, mobile communications and WiMAX technology (World wide Interoperability of Microwave Access).

In conclusion the organization should create technology solutions so that they are designed to fit the needs of the organization. It will also be very flexible in case of any alterations.

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