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“The glass ceiling” is a term of American management, introduced in the early 1980s to describe the invisible barrier that limits woman's promotion through the ranks. This form of discrimination is described as “a barrier so imperceptible that it is transparent, but at the same time so thorough that it prevents women and minorities to advance in the management hierarchy”. Stereotypes associated with gender assign women a subordinate serving role, while men are seen as dominant and more aggressive sex, and his assertive behavior is more valued. Male managers often believe that they are more successful than women, because of their great abilities and intellectual superiority. Male leaders evaluate their work to be more difficult as compared to women who hold similar positions. There is a perception that women are focused on personal relations rather than on the task. “The glass ceiling” in the women's career manifests itself in positions occupied, and in the level of wages. Although nowadays its nature has changed, it still exists.

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However, some experts argue that in fact, women are to blame for this. They do not ask for an increase in salary or promotions as often as men do. Most of them think that if they work hard and are useful to the company, sooner or later, they will be increased. They also fear that they would be dismissed if they are too pushy, especially during the crisis. Any woman who wants to reach the heights of the business world should actively seek opportunities to improve as a professional and take on new responsibilities.

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