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Every leader cannot be the same. Everybody has different characters and styles, but a good one should have proper characteristics. Effective leadership is a special tool that draws the ability to behave like a leader. It means that every leader has to possess special qualities. To the author’s mind, a good leader brings out the best in his or her team. Therefore, the leadership traits are divided into 3 groups: people skills, behavior, and attitude. The first leadership trait is a positive attitude which properly consists of goal direction, self-motivation, insight and judgment, competence and action. The second one is behaviors and habits. Under this trait the author means effective decision making, ability to handle problems as well as crises, and proper time organization. The last trait is people skills, which includes understanding of people and situations, belief in them and encouragement of the team members. Therefore, the author represents different characteristics which are vital for the leader.

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Myatt (2011) stated that one of the most required skills in leadership is the need for pursuit. All the leadership process is a peculiar pursuit. Leaders pursue excellence, truth, service, relationships, and knowledge. In the following article, the author examines the worth of being a follower. To the author’s mind, pursuit leads to success. First of all, if somebody wants to become a good leader, he or she needs to become a good pursuer. The unable for pursuit leader cedes opportunity to other people. The great leader understands that pursuit has to be intentional, consistent, unyielding and focused. To become the great one, the leader needs to pursuit just the right things. The author claims not to confuse pursuit with goal settings. Everybody must take into account that there is nothing can tell more about leaders than who or what they pursue. In addition, great leaders follow the ideas of being superior leaders (“This One Leadership Quality Will Make or Break You”). 

According to Smith (2009) the leadership is crucial in every type of business. The most important leadership qualities are following: loyalty, ability to see further than the immediate and further than the observable, surrounding with aptitude. Loyalty is incredibly rarely used feature. There are just several leaders who are able to recognize when a member of the team needs a day off or counteractive education. Ability to see further than the immediate and further than the observable means to have good plans, that will realize the idea. Moreover, a great leader needs to surround him with the talented staff.  The leader is as much successful as his team members.

The author suggests that creativity was always the center of business. Global CEO Study revealed that 1,500 leaders from different countries recognized creativity as the main leadership quality. In addition, it is the most difficult feature to master. Moreover, it is almost impossible. Nowadays leaders are overwhelmed with bulks of work and little time. They do not have enough time for brainstorming and thinking well over the troubles and problems. Grivas and Puccio believe that there are four various types of creative thinking: ideators, clarifiers, developers, implementers. To become a successful leader, the person needs to generate all of them. Developing of creativity is indispensable to disruptive thinking which leads to making unpredicted solutions of problems. Creativity is the chief aim of a great leader. A creative leader is able to build a new proficient platform which connects new and original ideas. 

In the following article, the author reveals 10 leadership attributes. All the qualities are possessed by the world famous billionaire. Courage is the first and most important quality to be a good leader. The leader needs to overcome the fears to face a lot of competition and problems. Self-control is another essential leadership quality. The third attribute is the ability to think wisely and discern right and wrong sides. A great leader has to be firm in his decisions. Skillful planning is another important attribute of the perfect CEO.  As well, the leader needs to understand his or her staff members. The chief is conscientious for the total actions of the team members. Another quality of a successful business is the team work. CEO hires people smarter than he is and delegates them a hard work to cope with.  Character and humility are very important in leadership. Thus, a chief needs to possess such qualities to become the great one.

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