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On the question of security issues, the management has decided to look at the security threat areas. These include; physical security issues file security, network security, application security, and user security.

First, on matters concerning physical security issues, the management has proposed that the computer room should be locked when not in use. The use of biometric scanning systems and motion sensors should also be introduced so as to restrict access. The desktop computers and servers require the use of keystroke lockers and tamper evident cases. Level pass words and power on passwords will also be introduced to the BIOS. Universal security slots and tracking software should be introduced to notebook computers. Stringent passwords and account lock thresholds to all computers should be installed.

Secondly, network security issues have also been looked at, and the first issue in this matter is to encrypt the network so as to secure the data flow. The public key domain will also require to be encrypted. Also, the Wi-Fi access and wired equivalent should be protected for privacy purposes. The virtual private networks use as well as the introduction of fire walls to the services and ports has been laid down to enhance the control of traffic.

The application security issues have also been looked at and hence the management has introduced security permissions and use of holes to the services. Input validation and use of updates and patches should be enhanced in all of the systems. On matters relating to file security issues, the use of user groups and permissions should be developed.

Finally, user security issues have also been looked at, and management identity and use of passwords have been encouraged to enhance protection. Social engineering and user resistance are areas to be looked at for these issues to be enhanced.

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