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Nursing is the backbone of health care delivery system. This paper looks at the nursing practices at the institution level and also at the healthcare facility. Various factors promote selection and choice of selecting a nursing as a profession practice. It gives an impressive and neat job security as an existing practice for women and men. This field has lot to offer, nurses are always on demand due to the high mortality and slow maturing technology in the field. One can also advance by studying to be medical assistance, surgeon assistance or more so doctors from the nursing practice. Nursing plays a critical role in making differences in public life, this because nurses have the value of life.

Moreover, learning is continuous in nursing; this gives nurses an exciting opportunity for learning. In addition, such continuous learning in nursing provides an opportunity to work in different departments and equips one with knowledge on the human body infections, diseases and all factors that may challenge life. It also provides opportunity for diverse job opportunities. This promotes altruism, opens up many and diverse paths in life with decent wages, learning and growing for nurses in different paths of life. This practice also offers flexibility; this gives them chances to have experiences and also to meet their needs. It gives them warm feeling of oneself, being a nurse means that one can also work in other professions.

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 Nursing is a stepping stone to career advancement, nursing practice is a stable career; nurses are needed all through in the community life. It offers lightweight and intercontinental opportunities. Being a nurse makes one be trusted with lives, this is because nursing is a science and trained nurses are next to doctors during live saving. Nurses maintain confidentiality and are also trusted with extremely sensitive information about epidemiological, pathological and diagnostic test results of patients. To be a nurse, one holds a lot of responsibilities and this promotes respect and trust amongst populations. Nursing provides confidence and awareness to healthcare consumers regarding health services available to them. Mostly, many prefer nursing due to family background influence from a friend and parents due to the better educational opportunities for children and aggressive recruitment.

Licensed practical nursing (LPN) is the care for the sick, the disabled or the injured person by a registered nurse or a physician. Many Licensed Practical Nurses provide basic care on the bedside to the patients. These basic care services include: treating bedsores, giving injections, massage and applying dressings. There are Licensed Practical Nurses who work in private homes; in this case, they help impart the family members with basic nursing skills.

The roles of these licensed nurses are to take into account the vital signs from a patient, observe patients and report for treatment for medication of the patients who are in the healthcare facility. Since nursing involves dealing with people, nurses need to have accomplished observation and communication skills. Nurses should be excellent listeners and alert to patient changing conditions. Nurses are the ones who are mostly in contact with patients and should thus be able to offer advice to patients and answer questions from the patients.

Apart from that, these Licensed Practical Nurses collect samples for testing, feed patients, conduct daily laboratory tests and record fluid and food intake by the patients. They help in giving care to the emotional needs that a patient would be having. They also help the patient in bathing, maintaining personal hygiene and dressing. In some other countries, nurses are allowed to administer medicines that are prescribed. There are those registered nurses who are in clinics and doctors’ office, these licensed nurses help in performing clerical duties and keeping records. A reputable licensed Practical Nurse is the one who is able to have close relation skills with the patients as this will help put patients at ease. A strong social perception is vital to all nurses as they will be able to relate with the patients well.

Scholarly nursing is core to the nurse work. Scholarship in nursing is more associated with academics than the clinical setting. Scholarship within the clinical setting needs to be emphasized when training nurses. When nurses are on practice, emphasis should be put on professional practicing models and quality performance by the nurses on training. There are differences between what nurses learn through scholarly materials and what the real situation is in nursing practice. Scholars in nursing do not understand what practicing nursing entails. There is also lack of support to the scholars on the clinical setting, their job description and evaluation of their job standards. Nursing is industry is facing challenges just like any other industry. There are limited resources to enable the educator and scholars explore further on nursing. There is also competition for nurses and this is a hindrance to nurturing the potential of nursing practice among the scholars. The nursing system across the world should encourage collaboration between nurses and educators to advance nursing skills.

Clinical skills are the cornerstone and foundation of nursing educational programs. Violence is an enormous setback confronting nursing practices and profession. This is experienced nationally and internationally that involves bullying and aggression of inter-group violence and conflict. This is mainly experienced by nursing students during their placement, these conflicts occur regardless whether there is the shortage of nurses in the profession or not. Nursing students always face humiliations and lack of respect; invisibility and powerlessness strategies of coping are hard and task and forthcoming employment choices. Many students and PR actioners have experienced this type of horizontal violence. However, strategies have been formed to help eradicate this form of violence. This involves giving a higher priority to debriefing within a supportive learning environment and also introduction of assertive teaching and resolution of conflict skills within the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

Family being the nucleus of the society mainly focuses on the field of community health nursing practice, family and community health nursing. Nursing skills and practice focus on care and nursing interventions of the family. As a counselor, health provider, teacher and facilitator in the community setup, makes the nursing work an enjoyable and considerable experience. In Health, provision goals include sustaining a well-balanced and safe health lifestyle of all residents in a community by involving nursing interventions in disease control, prevention and maintenance. Nurses make and establish a rapport as a counselor with the members of a family regarding to their health concerns. As a teacher, a nurse impacts on health teaching in order to modify the unpleasant practices that my influenced and contribute to health risk factors.

In facilitation, nurses work in ensuring services are widely available for families. Also, they play a key role in imparting them with skills on basic interventions on health matters that include proper hand washing techniques in order to prevent spread of infections conditions and diseases. This experience in nursing practice helps in building strong friendships and tight relations, which helps in making exposure successful and employment placements in future.

Exploding demographics of an aging population accompanied by the growth in the shortage of nurses is a formidable challenge, this is according to “American Psychiatric Nurses Association journal (2012)”. The writer of this journal claims that even if more recruitment is done, it will only prevent the shortage of nurses for a short time. Therefore, there is need to consider the cause of this crisis so as to ensure that new nurses are retained in the job market.

According to “American journal of Public health nursing (2000), by Christine M. Gebbie”, nurses’ dissatisfaction, their burnout, as well as the decline in positive patient outcomes should be examined. Recruitment fails to address the increasing challenge of nurse’s retention. The writer cites that burnout is a cause of shortage of nurses in the nursing sector. It has been found that nurses in hospitals with a high number of patients were more likely to have burnout compared to nurses in hospitals that host less number of patients. This literature suggests that nursing is a situation that requires innovative solutions and also much closer look at the hospital working environment. There is evidence linking nursing, staffing and nursing job satisfaction to the positive patient outcomes. An adequate and stable staff increases the chances of nurses attending to patients, complete their work on time, get job satisfaction and provide safe and quality healthcare.

It is significant that work environs in hospital and clinics be made conducive for patients to receive excellence healthcare services. In addition, more nurses should contract downcast per the patient ratio. Abundant straightforward links exist in between the work environ, lack of teamwork, gratification and exhaustion by hospital nurses. Fundamental variations in the hospital work environ and the nursing scarcity attached with the retiring nursing labor force threatens the sustainability of the hospital as part and parcel of the care delivery system.

In conclusion, Persistent innovative hospital structure is ongoing so as to increase the number of acute-care hospital beds or and replace outdated amenities. Recruitments in these new hospitals with the acquainted replicated, inefficient, strategies will lay further pressure on already feeble situations. These services present a unique prospect to create and project transformational and advanced care centers that will modify in what way future health care is provided for the coming 30-50 years. Statistics on the work environs of caregivers and hospital proposal is projected to improve the wellbeing and quality of hospitals. This will help in enhancing the delivery of public health in hospitals.

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