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The essay contains an extensive analysis of the relationship between people, the organization and its management. This relationship is dependent on a wide variety of psychological aspects of human beings. They include personality, motivation, autonomy, communication and learning. Personality is the entire mental organization of a human being at the stages of its development. Personality incorporates all aspects of human character, which include intellect, temperament, skills, morality, and every attitude in the course of one’s life. Therefore, it means that psychological traits determine how people adapt to physical and social challenges. These challenges vary from physical to social. Physical challenges are such, which can be direct threats to people’s survival.

Motivation is another variable that determines the existence and growth of an organization and the degree, to which workers perform. Motivation is the one aspect that makes a person work hard in the workplace in order to be promoted, or to get a payment raised. The forces behind motivation can be biological, social, emotional or cognitive in nature. Motivation may include rewards, promotion, and a good working climate among others. One important motivation booster is autonomy, which is the intrinsic power to perform. It explains why some people are more dedicated to work than others.

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The essay goes on to discuss organizational learning through experienced practices. Experiences, adaptation to work, and mastering of rules of the organization are all a product of a continued and reinforced behavior. For an organization to change, it must undergo learning in a period of time. Finally, the essay covers  barriers to communication and steps, which a manager can take addressing the barriers in order to ensure proper running of an organization. 

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