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Organizational behavior is an area of study that assesses how people think and do when they are in an organization or a group. The way people behave when in a group depend on so many factors including the vision of the group, the culture , their sense of belonging as well as organizationís structure and its effectiveness.

Emotions, Attitude and Stress

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Employee Motivation

The state of mind of a person rules how they do many things. In an organization situation, which aims at productivity, this may influence the level and quantity of production. Therefore, many organizations are keen on addressing this issue. Since close associations such as many people working together encourager time-to-time abrasions, it is advisable to keep these aspects of behavior at manageable levels. In addition, the kind and amount of work largely affects attitude, stress levels and emotions.

All or rather, many people in an organization are grownups. This group of people prefers safeguarding their ego. As much as there is management and supervision, there should be that mutual respect between these two parties, the supervised and the supervisor. These two partiesí association determines employee motivation. If there is a good mutual relationship between the supervisor and the supervised, employee motivation is enhanced.

Additionally, salaries, remunerations and compensations affect employee motivation largely. Organizations that have good salaries, better working conditions as well as other employee benefits such as health insurance cover tend to perform better than the ones without. This is because the attitude of the employee is positive, there stress levels are reduced since they have less to worry about and their emotions are a bit stable. Organizations are currently using this method as a way of improving performance and boosting employee loyalty, especially on highly talented and/or skilled employees


Organizational Structure

For good performance of people in a group, it is natural that they have a leader-figure to guide them on matters and provide direction. Otherwise, the pursuit of a common goal will be rendered futile. Therefore, a good leadership structure in an organization is fundamental to goods performance.

First, we should appreciate that organizations, especially these big pones, usually have more than one departments of operation. Therefore, a good structure should provide leadership in all these areas. The ones below the leaders should be well informed on whom to be answerable to. For instance, it is unreasonable for an employee to forward a complaint directly to the general manager when a supervisor can handle the problem.

A good organization structure should provide room for delegation of duties. As noted above, problem solving can be done at different levels. There are those that can be are to be handled by the general manager and there are those ones handled at lower levels.

A good leadership structure should provide for good coordination between different departments of an organization. Take for instance in an organization that deals with production. There should be good coordination from production to supply to management. The supplies department will inform the production of the reception of the products in the market and therefore allow them to make a decision on what quantity to produce. In addition, supplies and production will inform the marketing on the trend of performance of the products of the organization. This will enable the marketing employees to allocate the necessary funds for product promotion and creation of product awareness.

Good communication is also key in good leadership skills. Ii is unfavorable of an organization to have a leadership that contradicts in time of decision-making. Therefore the heads of the various areas of the organization should have quick and efficient communication among themselves before relaying the information to the other employees.

Performance Practice

Decision Making

†A good leader is usually judged by how good they are in making decisions. A good organization is judged by the kind of leadership it has. Therefore, good decision-making is a key aspect of good organizational behavior.

Decision-making affects how employees of an organization work. It is thus good to involve employees in the decision-making. This will improve their accountability and adherence to their goals of the organizationís well as the organizationís policies. Involving employees in decision-making can be done by conducting researches among the employees, issuing questionnaires, establishing a good suggestion box system as well as asking for the views of the employees during annual general meetings and other meetings. Asking for their views should always be accompanied by considering them in formulating policies and making decisions.

In this manner, they will feel like they own the company. They will have a sense of belonging and responsibility to the company, and this will in turn improve their attitude.

When making decisions, the management should not only guard their interests but also consider the feelings of the juniors and the people they are serving.

In conclusion, organizational behavior studies help a lot in the operations of an organization.

They help build a good working relationship between the employers and employees and among the employees themselves.

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