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The diversification and globalization of the World Kitchen called for its employment of SAP applications and technologies in the market. The company is a growing and diverse body in the global market. Having its base in the United States of America and extending its productions and services to other countries and continents made its operations function within the SAP technology. In order to have equitable management of the market and transportation of its marketing entities, the company had to involve the use of SAP technology. With the SAP technology and software, World Kitchen has managed to have its plans, and visionary applications come to terms with reality in the global market. According to the case presented, “The SAP enterprise and content management solutions have helped the company streamline business processes and be as efficient as possible,” Peterson says. “This enables the company to distribute its product to the right place at the right time”.

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The distribution of products and services from one place to another has been achieved by using SAP software. Initially, the World Kitchen had difficulties when it comes to management of marketing options and strategies in the market. Nonetheless, SAP software has been a lucrative application in this field. With the trading of the company by Corning Inc, the company had to forge for equitable ways of getting forward in its operations. The company chose SAP ERP application. With the use of SAP ERP, the company manages to carry out a number of functions. These functions or activities include invoicing, imaging, archiving, invoicing, and workflow optimization.

The World Kitchen chose different parameters within the SAP applications. The different protocols chosen served the company in order to achieve a number of activities. According to the case presented, “the SAP Document Access application by OpenText enables quick retrieval of content via user-friendly, customizable navigation.” The SAP Archiving application by OpenText minimizes database growth, improves application performance and lowers total cost of ownership for SAP software. The SAP Invoice Management application by OpenText helps people create, manage, monitor, and route invoices more easily.” The varied technological applications used by the company enabled the company to have an archival approach of managing its services when it had extended to the global market. The company involved SAP application procedures in order to arrive at applicable forms of reaching global clients in the market.

Using the SAP application software, the World Kitchen Corporation has managed to live within a specified level of performance in the market. Management through the creation of SAP application software has been a significant boost in creating partnerships and collaboration agents in the oversee market. The company links together several companies and corporations into its platform. This helps to build its growth avenues in the market. Part of the mechanisms of growth and development include the capacity of the company to satisfy the tastes and preferences of the different members in society. As a way of establishing a common ground of performance, it is necessary to realize how the corporation has been a success in the common market.

The SAP solutions have assisted the World Kitchen to achieve most of its dreams in the market. The company has improved its operational periods in the field. With the use of the SAP application, “the people stay productive and efficient. SAP Document Access by OpenText also lets World Kitchen store document images for easy access across departments. This has contributed to significant business process improvements in the shipping, credit, and accounts payable departments.” These are some of the tedious and involving activities when it comes to the management of the daily activities and productivity within the organization. The company has managed to save on time and ensure increased productivity within the avenues of growth and development in the market.

SAP application software is functional when manipulating and gauging how productivity can be achieved by any business in the market. The production guidelines that are necessary for growth and development are directed at soliciting reduced losses and increased profits within the company. The company has facilitated its increase in productivity together with the use of the SAP application software. While in use, the software is used to integrate different responsibilities into a single production line. In the end, the production guidelines are used as mechanisms for determining truthful avenues in the market.

Implementation approach used by world kitchen in implementing SAP software

The use of SAP application software by the World Kitchen does not come as a ready-made feature in the market. With the separation of the company from its mother company, it had to involve several approaches of ensuring that it remained productive and growing in the market. The company intended to have equitable production channels that could increase productivity and ensure a safer approach of performance in the market. In order to achieve these scales of functions, the company had to seek help from the SAP application software.

In order to have a well-prepared avenue of performance with SAP application software, the company trained its workers on how to make use of the software material in production. The company ordered to increased production efficiencies with the use of the SAP application. Apart from training its workers on how to make use of the gadget in production, the company decided to have a solid background of demonstration. The experts did the demonstrations from the company who supplied the SAP application software. The company set up templates of performance in some countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, and Mexico. These locations had rapid and increasing business competition in the market. In order to realize an equitable performance protocol, the company invented diverse approaches through which workers could embrace the new measures and mechanisms of production with the use of the SAP application software in production and trading.

As a way of shading light on the entrants of SAP application software into the company, it engaged in setting its goals and attributes within the local and international markets. After setting up the objectives and business intentions, the company welcomed a number of vendors. These vendors came and demonstrated their software services within the company. The vendors who were selected for various levels and categories of production were expected to have reputable skills. These skills were clued to the use of the SAP application software in the market. All the workers and staff had to embrace the software and use it in their daily chores within the company.

Production was made effective and efficient with the use of SAP technology. The company managed to access inaccessible areas and markets with the use of the SAP application technology. In order to have stable managerial services in the market, the company had to involve varying levels of technology in its production and marketing strategies. The general perspectives of production were established with the use of technology. In the end, the World Kitchen managed to access and improve its production avenues in the United States of America and other countries in the world (Snabe 2008, p. 27).

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Comparing World Kitchen and Java

Website facilities that offer

There are varied categories of policies that are found within the World Kitchen and Java companies. Java has most of its products accrued to online facilities and computer applications. This is opposed to the World Kitchen’s production of kitchen materials and equipment. The difference between the two companies is notable from the presentation of the facilities that are present within their websites. The application of SAP technology is categorical of the many avenues of products being manufactured by the organization. The use of SAP has been a significant boost to the existence and productivity of the World Kitchen and Java in the market. Java is categorical of computer applications. Most of its products and services are directed at having a balanced application of technology. For instance, phone applications and computer applications are some of the websites in the company. On the other hand, the World Kitchen has most of its products and services being hailed from the existing trends of performance in the market.

Privacy policies

Every business deserves a private policy in the market. The essence of private policies ensures that the available avenues of production are legally acceptable and secured. The World Kitchen has numerous policies as indicated in the marketing policies within Java. The establishment of the World Kitchen is based on set policies that have been instrumental in securing growth and development in the market. The essence of having policies lie with secured approaches of reaching out to new customers and production strategies in the market. The essence of having policies within the World Kitchen and Java rests with the stability of the two companies in e-commerce. In many cases, the capabilities of having an enormous significance in the market are directed at the normal activities that are within the existing trends of performance in the market. The World Kitchen and Java have online policies that ensure safe practices when it comes to trading. For instance, the website locations of the two companies are a directive of the existing avenues of production. As far as the companies are exposed to the markets, they are protected by the existing policies.

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