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The Main Sources of Stress in My Life

One of the stresses that I face as a single mom with a military career is how to cope with separation from my daughter. In this career, separation from family is an inevitability that one has to accept and live with especially when one is frequently deployed. In essence, it is a dilemma that one consciously decides that one can handle at the time of deciding on a military career but when that day that one has to go away from loved ones arrives, it is as if one can indeed never be adequately prepared. The stress that comes with making decisions on who to stay with my child, which school she should attend and the kind of lifestyle that is good for her are sometimes quite heavy.

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Another source of stress present in my life is the fear that my daughter while growing up, may be affected by the single-parent family setup. Even though at this young age the child is happy staying with loving grandparents when I am away on duty, I am constantly worried that when she gets older, natural inquisitiveness will definitely lead to her questioning why she was brought up in a single-parent family and maybe this situation may end up affecting her psychologically.

My career itself is even a greater source of stress. One is ever concerned about the consequences that active deployment and participating in active duty has on one’s life. There is the ever-present fear of encountering disability or even the possibility of losing one’s life. The military also being a male-dominated institution, gender issues sometimes do arise that cause stress in life. Some of these issues include acceptance as an equal and capable member of the military and having the psychological strength to cope I being a lady among others.

Another stress I face concerns money management and making investment decisions. It requires a lot of skill and experience to ensure financial stability as it is one of life’s greatest challenges so it goes without saying that it is a major source of stress.  From this course and other stress management resources, I have learned that as a fast step in managing stress, I have to identify the sources of stress that are in my life. This will enable me to find practical solutions. It is like a doctor performing an examination first to establish the nature of the disease before administering treatment.

The Course of Stress Management

In managing stress also, one of the key aspects that is highly emphasized in many of the stress management resources is the realization and the constant reminding of one’s self that one is in control of one’s own life and not vice versa. It is evident that I have to take advantage of my military career with its inherent strict regulations and routine and use this characteristic to take charge of my life including my emotions, thoughts, problems, and schedule in such a way that enables me to stay calm without panicking even in difficult situations. This tactic will further enable me to make wise decisions whenever the opportunity calls for it because it is only when one is calm and focused in life that good judgments can be made.

Another way in which I am going to utilize the course instructions in stress management is to understand the exact nature of stress, its manifestations, and its symptoms. This is because it is only after understanding this phenomenon known as stress that the root causes can be established. It is always necessary to establish the root causes whenever attempting to solve any problem as once the root causes are established it is highly likely that a solution can be reached by working in reverse through the chain of occurrences in the problem situation.

The information provided in this course and other reliable stress management resources can be used to get information on the effective techniques that can be employed to manage stress in one's life. In addition to this, the stress management resources will be used to find out any available support groups and professional associations that can offer assistance on ways in which to cope with and find solutions to the stresses of life. There are also information and assistance modules that help individuals to deal with difficult jobs such as a military career. They offer professional counseling and other therapeutic programs to help people overcome the challenges of working in an inherently problematic career such as healthcare or the military. These online services have enabled me to learn that those in careers where an individual has to deal with lots of other people’s problems while they themselves pretend to be alright are usually the most stressful ones and ingenious avenues have to be devised to help employees in such careers overcome the stress they encounter.

The information in this course will also enable me to take an honest look at my own life because I have learnt that at times, we are inclined to blame other people or external circumstances over which we have little control for causing stress in our lives while in the real sense the solutions lie within ourselves. It has become clear that taking responsibility for the stress in one’s life and seeking out the things that can be altered is a more effective way of dealing with stress because since it can never be eliminated, it has to be managed. Learning about stress through several resources has taught me a very important lesson too. That it is possible to temporarily reduce stress by taking a vacation for example this will not make them go away. They will still be right there where they were left when the vacation was taken. It is therefore essential to accept that stress is a permanent feature of life and at times the sources of stress if looked at keenly are indeed sometimes opportunities for success.

Another important lesson that I have learnt is the view that one takes of stress and how one manages it will determine the success and happiness that one can attain, so to be successful and happy, stress must be properly handled and resolved. As smith aptly puts it, “All of us have had to deal with such problems as confronting a supervisor, negotiating with a spouse, replying to an angry attack, or dealing with the daily din of living. Fortunately, psychology offers us an abundance of techniques for preventing and managing stress”. (Smith, 2002). This philosophy has been emphasized many times in stress management resources and is also echoed in the information found in the stress management course

This course and other available resources are therefore going to be invaluable in the process of avoiding and managing stress in my life. These resources have conclusively demonstrated that this can be done and one can indeed live a healthier more fulfilling life by the application of the simple stress management techniques and principles that have been clearly outlined both in the course information and a myriad of reliable books, scientific journals and internet websites. I can confidently state that I have encountered a life-changing experience by learning about stress management, an experience that is going to leave an indelible mark in my life and will also definitely impact all those around me.

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