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As far as it regards the issues of the strategic management, the Merrymen band as the specific corporate entity is currently experiencing the situation in which significant strategic decisions are to be made. So as to let the corporate leader, Robin Hood, estimate the current situation in the most accurate way and outline the decisions which would be the most conducive to the fulfillment of the long-term goals of his organization, effective SWOT analysis has to be conducted.


  • A big number of the active members of the organization
  • Substantial experience in the operational activity
  • Distinct corporate culture built on the intolerance to the injustice


  • Weak corporate discipline
  • Controversy between the corporate leader and the authoritative group of lieutenants
  • The reduction of the income
  • Low food supply


  • The implementation of a fixed Transit Tax
  • The expansion to a larger area within or around the forest
  • The assassination of the Sheriff
  • The participation in the barons’ plan to free King Richard


  • The strengthening of the Sheriff
  • The travelers’ reluctance to cross the forest
  • The vindictiveness of Prince John

As a matter of fact, the aforementioned Threats and the Weaknesses that Robin Hood faces seem to be growing even worse than they are at the present moment. Basically, the reduction of the income caused by the travelers’ reluctance to cross the forest is likely to become constant unless the Merrymen take some effective action. Besides, the strengthening of the Sheriff might be expected to lead to even more aggressive persecution of the Merrymen, that currently have their financial and food reserves totally exhausted.

In terms of the current situation, the most effective decision to be made by Robin Hood is to expand the organization’s activity to a larger area within and, more importantly, around the forest. Since the travelers stay reluctant to cross the forest and thus prevent the Merrymen from getting the income, it is essential for the Merrymen to start operating in the areas where the travelers’ are still likely to be encountered. In this respect, the organization’s revenue might be substantially increased. Moreover, the expansion of the organization’s activity can be accompanied with the establishment of the separate corporate units, which would be responsible for the specific remote areas and, while guided by experienced lieutenants, would be more compact and disciplined. Finally, the adoption of such decision would cease the growing controversy between Robin Hood and the lieutenants, which otherwise might have a strong disintegrative impact on the organization.

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