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Free Example of Types of Bosses Essay

A boss determines how the lives of employees in a company will be. A good boss should lead other members of the organization without shouting at them, but instead should create a good working environment for the employees in order to make them feel motivated (Mann, 2001). There are different types of bosses and thus employees should determine the kind of boss they are dealing with so that they can know the strategies to use to be on the right side.

Martyr Boss

This is the kind of boss in a company who is very hard working and does not expect any return for his commitment. He goes to job very early in the morning and leaves very late in the evening. This kind of boss will go to job even when he is very sick or any of the family members is admitted in hospital and does not require an increment in salary or any compensation for his commitments (Dealy & Thomas, 2004). Due to his commitment to his work, he expects his employees also to me very hardworking and should commit most of their time working in the company without necessarily expecting any return from the company. Since this kind of boss is very serious with his work, employees should respect him and keep distance. They should deliver in their work in order to impress him.

Fear Monger Boss

This kind of boss stirs fears in the employees and everybody fears when he is around. The objective of this kind of boss is to make the employees to work well. Everybody keeps silence when they are discussing any thing with the boss even though he may not know the work. This kind of boss has a history of firing people which makes employees to fear him and thus they work very hard in order to maintain their jobs. Good employees leave the company as soon as possible because no body appreciates working under such a boss. The boss makes the company to incur a lot of costs due to firing employee’s often

Paranoid Boss

This kind of boss suspects everybody and feels that employees will always give bad remarks about him. He fears gossips and if one wants to make him comfortable he should always be honest and avoid making bad remarks about him in the public (Dealy & Thomas 2004). He also thinks that people are after his job and will thus test the loyalty of his employees. Employees with this kind of a boss should ignore his insecurities and instead work hard and assure him that they have no motives of overthrowing him.

Dangerous Dictator

This kind of boss is always out to humiliate employees who make mistakes and even those without mistakes. He does not appreciate what the employers achieve but he will always identify mistakes. Employees should look for others jobs with good working environment where the manager can recognize their achievements rather than only concentrate on their mistakes

Bumbler Boss

This kind of a boss is a joker and thus it is very easy for the employees to please him. He appreciates any person who makes him get promoted and thus it follows that the person will also be promoted. This kind of boss is harmless to his employees.

Congeniality Nut Boss

This kind of boss tries to attract attention from his employees and thus will always force them to go for out of office activities. Employees need should excuse themselves because the boss will always schedule activities for them and thus they will never have their personal time. This makes it hard for an employee who likes creating his or her own time during working times to work effectively.

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Great Boss

This kind of boss does not harass the employees but rather he motivates them and creates an environment which they will enjoy working in. He has a good understanding of the employees, knows their strengths and weaknesses and will always listen to their complaints. He encourages employee development and training because it is through training that the employees will give the beast results (Dealy & Thomas, 2004). This kind of boss does not scream to the employees or instill fear in them for them to work but everything works well.

Dazed Dreamer Boss

This boss is always making plans which are never achieved but interrupt the employee’s workflow (Mann, 2001). The boss always dreams of achieving something but implementing becomes the problem. This makes the company to perform poorly because the employees work is interrupted by the brainstorming sessions scheduled by the manager.

Clueless Boss

This kind of boss may not be conversant with the technology he is working with or may not feel comfortable in his new office. He should be taught on the new technology in order to make him feel comfortable and relieved. Teaching him will also reduce ones workload because he will do a lot of work by himself so that he can get used to the new technology. This kind of a boss also fears risks and conflict in the organization and will incur any cost to avoid them. He will thus take time in decision making because he is careful and fear that some decisions may be risky for the company.

The Father Figure

This kind of boss is ready to listen to his employee’s stories till he gets bored and starts to shout at them. He shouts at every small thing that goes wrong in the company and busts out explaining whatever has happened. Employees should never mistake him for a friend and when he is talking one should only listen and nod. One should also not tell him his personal secrets because he will bring them out when he gets angry. This kind of boss likes creativity and thus an employee should share his creativity projects with him.

The Blamer Boss

This kind of boss is always right and will never listen to other peoples ideas. He wants everybody to support his idea but when it fails to yield the expected results, he will always blame others (Mann, 2001). Employees should never support his ideas fully lest they fail and be victims of blame. This kind of manager like challenges and thus employees should go ahead and tell him he is wrong and he may end up taking ideas from them finally.

High Achiever Boss

This kind of boss is very committed and wants to achieve the best in his department. This boss is very ready to improve his skills and knowledge through training. He knows the value of networking and provides a creative opportunity to the employees. On the other hand, this boss likes challenging the employees and thus one can feel humiliated.


There are different types of bosses in a company as explained by this article. One need to understand the kind of boss he is dealing with so that he can he can know how to handle him. An employee should analyze the motives of the boss because some will always humiliate them and thus the employee need to exit and look for work place where the boss will provides a good working environment and at the same time motivates and gives an opportunity to develop.

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