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Free Example of Understanding Corporate Culture Essay

Issues to be addressed in the Discussion:

  • What is Culture?
  • Define Corporate Culture and its relevance (How it has shaped businesses and developments)
  • Discuss Cross-Cultural Communication Challenges
  • What is Culture Shock? Suggest ways in which to avoid or overcome such experience(s)
  • Harnessing the Power of Diversity: How can Diversity be used as a competitive advantage for a Business?
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All business organizations are considered as separate communities that are basically created to gain provide for society and in turn gain profit from the said provisions to suffice the needs and demands of the people. Hence, as a community of their own cause, business organizations have their own cultures that define their being, their existence, and their cause. These cultural divisions that business organizations recognize as part of their operations define the path that they are taking as they try to be better providers for society. In the discussion that follows, a better definition of what corporate culture is all about and how it could actually affect the being of a business and the possibility of its development shall be shown. This discussion aims to present a more viable consideration on what corporate culture should be about and what value should be placed upon it by administrators as they find the best ways to deal with the people and the aims of the entire organizations that they are aiming to manage.

Understanding Culture

Culture per se is a set of natural norms that a certain group of people follow. Naturally, these norms are considered to have a great effect on how each individual lives and how they complete their tasks every day. Culture basically serves as a defining factor that creates an identity for the group of people that recognizes it. In business, culture, or most likely noted as corporate culture is considered as the primary ways recognized by the business group as they deal with their daily operations within and even outside of the business. This means that the culture that a business basically recognizes to observe shapes the kind of environment that is set for its employees to work further for excellence and for its clients to remain as satisfied as they deserve to be.

Corporate Culture and its Relevance to Business Developments

The basic necessity of having a stabilized corporate culture that must be observed by the entire group of business organizers as they handle their responsibilities is an important factor in insisting on the progress that the organization is supposed to undertake. It is with the existence of this culture that the people working for a business organization are well provided for and well taken care of especially in connection with the provision of the satisfaction that they are in need of \6realizing. This is the reason why the development of business organizations relies so much on how their culture assists everyone within the group to perform well as they realize personally satisfying benefits that they get from working well.

Culture and the Issues on Communication

As of today, the culture of diversity in corporate businesses is becoming a common picture. Basically, the globalization of the entire international commercial system makes it more possible for employees and employers from different races from all around the globe to meet together in one organization and try to survive as a group beyond all the differences that they may have. Sometimes, because of these differences, communication becomes less given care for. For fear of not being understood well, some choose not to speak or not to express what they feel, while on the other hand, others that do have something to say cannot send the actual message that they want to get to the administrators simply because of the different perceptions of communications between national races. Although this is the case, the need to utilize diversity as a particular asset of a business organization is considered as an important pagvctyrt of business progress. How so?

Understanding the Need of Managing Diversity as Part of Effective Corporate Culture

Diversity among business employees and operators is a common scene that must be given particular attention to these days. It is because of this particular fact that human resource managers today are expected to take necessary steps towards creating a more workable environment for both the workers and the administrators of the organization. It is with this approach. Most likely, these approaches are expected to make a despicable definition of what the corporate culture should be about. Through having a more diversified set of employees and operators within a business organization allows for the chance of further developing the business into becoming a culturally rich group that could provide the best sense of service to all clients from all nationalities and all individualities.


Globalization is an elemental factor that basically affects business organizations today. It could be sensed that somehow, it is through this particular fact that business groups today are gaining both challenges and victories that provide them the most enriched culture that could support them towards better progress. With the consideration over this fact, it is expected that business groups today would gain better hopes and actual chances of further winning the competition over the industrial commerce that they are enjoined in. Yes, through shaping the corporate culture properly, it is expected that business organizations today would be able to take the best steps towards utilizing diversity as a tool for success rather than a hindrance for growth. 

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