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Free Example of Volunteer Work Essay

My interest in leadership gives me so much pleasure in fuelling humanitariasm through volunteering activities that I do as an extracurricular activity alongside sports and art. The famous quote by Peter Drucker, “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.”,  motivates me in doing  the community service which gives me ultimate spiritual and mental satisfaction.

I believe that education is a vital tool that every human being has to be equipped with. I value education since I know that investing in it creates a powerful package in an individual and can never be equalled to any other form of investment when done in the right way. This has been a major drive to volunteering at the National library in Astana.

The library is a knowledge hub and can be cited by many as a constant entity in their learning ecology maps. The library offers many reading materials that allow growth and personal development. It builds on freedom of exploration as one can get materials on global events and thus promote networking and capacity building. One cannot be taught anything but can be helped to discover it within them.

Most of the time, I love being located at the kids section. I believe that developing and nurturing a reading culture in a child will mould them into inquisitive individuals who will always seek knowledge and be informed. An educated generation being an informed one will reduce most of the impediments that are currently associated with illiteracy and ignorance. Informed personalities are critical thinkers and will always be creative in creating sustainable livelihoods and be self-reliant.

Volunteering has been a key ingredient in building my personality. I have interacted easily with people from diverse backgrounds. My access to the internet and books at the library has empowered me to discover opportunities around me. I can safely say that knowledge has to be shared for knowledge is a river not a reservoir.

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